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Twenty-Five Quick and Easy Vegan Snacks
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Twenty-Five Quick and Easy Vegan Snacks

Many of us know what it's like to be pushed for time, but luckily, vegan snacks need not be difficult or time-consuming to prepare. Why not give some of these a go? All of the ingredients are easy to find in local supermarkets and health food stores, and naturally the quantities and combinations can be changed to suit your choices and cravings. With some healthy options, and some guilty pleasures, there's bound to be something for everybody; my favourite, which I seem to have become slightly famous for, is number nineteen...

  1. Two squares of dark chocolate
  2. A medium-sized orange sprinkled with cinnamon
  3. A chopped apple and ten raisins, sprinkled with sugar and popped in the microwave for two minutes
  4. Half a cup of unsalted cashew nuts
  5. A fresh pepper, chopped and dipped in balsamic vinegar
  6. One cup of carrot sticks, dipped in hummus
  7. Half a can of chick peas gently heated with black pepper and a smidgen of olive oil
  8. A slice of raw aubergine with peanut butter
  9. Celery sticks dipped into dark chocolate spread
  10. A small bag of banana chips
  11. Fresh strawberries with a scoop of sorbet
  12. Two 'Ryvita'-style crackers with vegan pâté
  13. A cup of applesauce, cinnamon optional
  14. A frozen banana – blended or on a stick, and dipped in melted chocolate for a treat
  15. Two ginger biscuits
  16. A tablespoon of vegan quark, stirred into dried fruit
  17. A cup of unsalted popcorn
  18. Two rice cakes with dairy-free margarine
  19. Fried broccoli, with optional fried garlic
  20. One and a half cups of kidney beans tossed with olive oil and oregano
  21. Blueberries with a cup of your choice of soy or oat-based yogurt
  22. Five dried apricots
  23. A fruit and soy-milk smoothie
  24. Four mini gherkins
  25. Two chopped fresh peaches, with optional dairy-free whipped cream.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Panev, used under the terms of the Creative Commons license.

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  2. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    Yum! So quick and easy. We pinned it to our Vegan Snacks board on Pinterest,


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