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Tuna in Sushi Gets a Vegan Makeover
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Tuna in Sushi Gets a Vegan Makeover

Being vegan and discovering that there's such a thing as vegan sushi might make you rejoice, but what’s replacing the tuna? Tomatoes! What is so special about them is that they're not just a vegan alternative to the tuna used in sushi. Tomatoes are being used in such a way that they actually taste like fish. And no, they're not genetically modified either! 

  • How Tomato 'Sushi' is Made

So how does it work? Tomato is used to replace tuna through a sous vide process. This refers to the tomato being wrapped in plastic and getting boiled. This is done so that the tomatoes become fleshy in texture to resemble tuna, then the tomatoes' own glutamic acids break down to release a flavor. Since it shares similarities with various meat dishes, along with soy sauce and fish, glutamic is a realistic taste substitute. A few other ingredients are then used to perfect the sushi dish, such as vinegar, herbs and spices. Tomato sushi was developed by Chef James Corwell and he's currently working on other sushi products, too.

  • Saving the World's Tuna Fish 

This development comes not a moment too soon because tuna fish is suffering and it’s all our fault thanks to overfishing. Skipping tuna in favor of vegan substitutes is not just a good way to save the decreased tuna fish numbers but it's better for human health too. Tuna are apex predators, feeding on many other fish. This is why they have such high levels of mercury - the mercury accumulates in fish lower down on the food chain until it reaches the tuna at the top. These high levels of mercury found in tuna can be harmful to humans and are especially a cause for concern when you take into account that the mercury levels of the ocean are rising.



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