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Top Tips on Going Vegan
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Top Tips on Going Vegan

There are more and more people becoming vegan every day across the UK, and not only is it popular and trendy, it’s also very good for you. There are a lot of different reasons for people to choose a vegan lifestyle. Whether it's for animal welfare, health or environmental reasons, it can sometimes be a hard transition. Changing your diet never easy, especially if you love the rich taste of meat and indulging in dairy products, but these top tips can make it a little easier. 

Plan Ahead

When it comes to selecting your meals for the day, it can be difficult to be creative and explore different flavours when you’re so used to adding meats and dairy to bulk out the meal. Start by planning out your day by each meal. Make sure you’re selecting meals that are nutritious and full of the right ingredients to ensure you’re getting the balanced diet you require, as your body will need the substitutes to meat and dairy. If you’re unsure of what to make, research your favourite recipes and try to find alternative ingredients to make them vegan-friendly, as this will give you the motivation you need to stick to your vegan lifestyle.

Stock Up on the Goodness

Being vegan gives you the perfect opportunity to explore new flavours and foods that you might not have tried before. For example, you may start to experiment with spicier flavours to give your meals a little bit of a kick, or you may find that certain herbs are your new best friend. By stocking up your kitchen cupboards with essential items, such as lentils, chickpeas, garlic, coconut oil and chillies, you’ll have the right ingredients to help you cook up some tasty dishes. If you’re unsure of certain flavours going together, have a quick look online and see what other people use to mix up the flavour. This can really help you to make the most of mealtimes.

Do Some Research

The one thing that a lot of people struggle with when going vegan is the variety of meal choices. Some people seem to think that once the meat or dairy is removed from the dish, you’re left with very little to work with. This is very far from the case and something vegans are really keen to get across, as there are so many wonderful recipes out there that can be enjoyed. Whether you invest in a new vegan cookbook, or you do some online research, you can find some great recipes to try out and even put your own spin on.

Snack Sensibly

Having a tasty selection of snacks is perfect for fighting off hunger throughout the day. You may find that you need something to tide you over mid-morning or late-afternoon, so taking some snacks such as nuts or fruit will help to fight off the cravings. You want to ensure you’re getting the right balance of nutrients throughout the day, so having sensible snacks will ensure you’re diet is balanced and healthy, whilst still having plenty to eat throughout the day.

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