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To be a Vegan
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To be a Vegan

A vegan encounters suffering every day, even in everyday objects, the most unexpected ones. For this reason, attention and consciousness are essential. Moreover, as stated in the definition given by the Vegan Society, an association that gave birth to the movement in 1944, veganism is a lifestyle that seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty against animals "to the extent that this is practically possible. " But the possibility is in our strenght, how we live every day, how we relate to other people and to the environment. Living with attention and involvement is essential. Everything around us is full of cruelty. Even the so-called alternative medicines are exempt from it. As Vegans we must be wary of the companies that do not declare the origin of the ingredients they used, because many of them could have animal origins. The famous saying "you don't have to throw anything away of a pig " is tragically true, because even the most hidden part of this intelligent being is used as food or in industries. Cosmetics, personal hygiene products and cruelty free detergents are products that adhere to international standard not tested on animals. The standard refers to both the finished product and the individual ingredients. Adhere to this standard, definitely means that the finished product has not been tested, while, as regards the ingredients that compose it, means that have not been tested after a specific date, which varies from industry to industry.

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  1. Renda91
    This article is very interesting. I think it describes very well the lifestyle of Vegan people and the behaviour of industrial companies. We have sometimes a difficult life. It needs sacrifice and strenght. But we can obtain what we want if we fight pacifically for our principles.You're right, great article!!
  2. Veganara
    Voted, great blog, you make some excellent points. I think you may be interested in my latest article, Go Vegan and Feed The World! Please check it out and vote if you like it.
  3. moregreensplease
    There is strength in knowledge. The more we are informed as vegans, the better off we are.Thank you.Voted


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