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To Veg or not to Veg: Russell Brand's Take on Being Vegan
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To Veg or not to Veg: Russell Brand's Take on Being Vegan

The Trews (True News), by Russell Brand, is quite a popular YouTube channel. Many a social networking bee can be caught watching The Trews just to catch up on opinion from the irreverent Russell Brand across various topics.

The Tweet of 2011

In 2011, Russell Brand tweeted: "I’m now vegan, goodbye eggs, hello Ellen. RT @katyperry: Me & the Mr. just watched 'Forks Over Knives'. You can get it on Netflix!” This was a direct shout out to Ellen DeGeneres, who has been a long time vegan. His wife Katy Perry re-tweeted it, claiming that this step had come right after they both watched the documentary Forks over Knives

The documentary, (Forks over Knives), diligently explores how accepting plant-based foods can cleanse your system and make it disease free. In it's entirety, the documentary leads one to believe that by consuming vegetarian or plant-based foods, patients can treat their bodies for chronic diseases and create healthier futures.

Russell Brand has been an ambassador for PETA for some time. He is a proud vegetarian, and with this tweet, the famous actor gave up on eggs and dairy, choosing to follow a completely vegan path.

The Recent Trews Episode

His Trews Episode 101 is a take on various viewer-submitted questions, and his comments on the vegan lifestyle made his veg views popular once again. This latest episode has Russell taking on various subjects-- which include evils of capitalism, gun control mechanisms, and the necessity (as well as the benefit) of cooperation. 

Answering the Vegan Question

A fan in this particular episode, asked Russell about his vegan lifestyle in a way that pointed out some potentially inherent hypocrisy in mainstream vegan culture. The question posed by the fan was pretty simple and clear. Here it is:

“The problem with vegetarians, non-meat-eaters or whatever you want to call yourselves, a lot of you seem to be of the opinion that those of us who eat meat are automatically evil. Can you not understand the concept of enjoying an actual human instinct to eat meat, but also caring about the welfare of animals, especially endangered animals and those which we do not eat the meat. What is it the veggies can’t grasp about the concept?”

This interesting question by the fan got an equally interesting answer from Russell. He began with the word "hypocrisy", followed by a laugh. According to Russell, the concept that most veggies can’t grasp about meat eaters is that of hypocrisy. He also goes on to say that if people are concerned about animal welfare, they will need to give up on meat. 

To Be or Not to Be

An interesting discussion has begun because of this episode. Is it time for meat-lovers who advocate for animals to reconsider their food habits? It's a deeply profound and personal choice, but if people wish to be sensitive to animals, then they should definitely consider changing their habits. Obviously, consumption of vegetarian food can benefit these individuals health-wise as well. There are two sides to the same coin. Though what's indicated in the Forks Over Knives documentary seems to be true, there are also significant populations of people whose economic or cultural conditions may make it seem difficult to give up on meat so quickly. One thing is for certain. Whether one likes it or not, the change will take time.

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  1. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Whether to be or not.... This has been the most debatable question among vegetarians and non-vegetarians...though, the answer lies in the extent of benefits one can get by turning a vegetarian!
  2. Aquashon
    Let's put all labels aside and think about being healthy. When one consumes plant-based foods they will benefit from the nutrients that will help nourish our bodies. When one consumes meat they will be more likely to be at risk for all sorts of diseases. Why not make a conscious decision to be more healthy?
  3. Support
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  4. Amanda Arredondo
    Russell Brand is a hilarious actor and I am so happy he is vegan :)


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