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Thy Kingdom Come...
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Thy Kingdom Come...

I think we can all agree that cruelty to animals is not moral. It is illegal to abuse dogs and cats and I see no difference between a dog and a pig, or between a cat and a chicken. None of us would be comfortable causing pain and unneccessary suffering to an animal. Animals are not here for our purposes nor for our fleeting desires. They are made of bones, blood and flesh, same as us. They can think and feel happiness. Their suffering is unimaginable. The scale and scope is staggering. I do not judge people who are meat-eaters. I do try to educate and point out a disconnection between their morals and their actions. Most people would not personally forceably confine an animal, mutilate them, cause them to grow unnaturally and ultimately kill them by slitting their throat.  And thus, most people should not be comfortable with paying others to do those things for them. Most people are not mean or evil. They simply have not made that connection. I was one of them. I made the connection. If others can make that connection, they will be happier and healthier, as will the hundreds of animals that each person would consume in their lifetime. I am not qualified to discuss the issue on religious terms very well.  I would certainly hope that nothing in the Bible supports cruelty to animals or of depriving them of their natural behaviors and normal happy lives. I am familiar with the Lord's Prayer however. "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." How could anyone believe the attrocities of factory farms and the horrors of industrial slaughterhouses exist in heaven? Kindness counts.  Do what is right.  Hands off the animals.

Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. Great blog Mark, and welcome to the Flaming Vegan, if you are new! I agree 100% with everything you say, especially when you point out that most people are not mean or evil, they just haven't made the connection between what they eat and the suffering that is caused. Like you, I realise that I used to be one of those people, so I try to be understanding of those who haven't made the connection yet. I looked at your blog btw, excellent. I presume you are a Christian? You might be interested in an article I wrote for this website some time back, Why Are More Christians Not Vegans? (There is also one called Food For Thought, which touches on the same points you have made, if you have time).
  2. SnakeWitch
    Welcome to the site! Remember that you can vote for yourself. I am number 2. I agree with you and speak on behalf of pretty much anyone else here when I say that animal activists feel that way too. So you'll fit right in! If you have the chance, I have a new post - Invasion of the Asians - which you may like as well. Come read it and vote if you feel it deserves it!
  3. Anita Vegana
    Strong post. I voted. When you have the chance, please come read my new article, Foods You May Think Are Vegan But Aren't. Vote if you like it. Thank you.
  4. BuddhasDelight
    god bless the animals! and thank you for your passionate article. :) voted.


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