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Three Health Factors That Improve With a Vegan Diet
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Three Health Factors That Improve With a Vegan Diet

These days, it’s hard to tell exactly what we are putting into our bodies. Between hormone-riddled cows, pesticide-coated vegetables, and a never-ending list of artificial ingredients, it’s not easy to be healthy when shopping through most aisles of the grocery store.

It’s even more concerning when you think of the inhumane treatment of factory-raised animals. Especially when you think about how they live stressful lives and are doomed to stressful deaths.

Many people turn to a vegan lifestyle in order to avoid unhealthy or immorally sourced foods in their body, to opt out of the cycle that keeps animals in such awful conditions, or both. Whatever the reason, the benefits of a vegan diet are limitless.

Here are three of the many health factors that improve with a vegan diet:

Optical Health

If your mom ever told you that eating carrots were good for your eyesight, then it may not come as a surprise that a vegan diet could improve your eyesight. Of course, carrots alone won’t cut it, and eating all the vegan food in the world won’t get rid of the need your contacts or glasses if you already have them, but it may keep healthy eyes in good condition.

According to ophthalmologist Dr. Steven Dell’s team, eating a diet full of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and carotenoids helps maintain eye health. These are common ingredients that are easily found in vegan diets, and they report that these foods will keep healthy eyes from damage, slow down the process of aging, and even preserve eyesight after optical surgeries.

Mental Health

Recently, Americans have opened more widely the discussion of mental health. While this has lead to many people being more mindful of their anxiety, depression, and has enabled many to get the help they need, cases of mental health issues are not slowing down.

In addition to everyday stress, this is in part due to the inordinate amount of sugar consumed by the American population. Researchers have linked high quantities of sugar to increased mental health problems, but the consumption of sugar is only growing.

A vegan diet helps cut sugar out of your diet. By using natural ingredients in wholesome, vegan recipes, you can potentially lower your risk for mental illnesses.

Hormonal Health

You might only think about the hormones you put in your body if you are on medication to regulate your hormones, like acne medicine or birth control. You may not think that the foods you eat have much impact on your hormones, but taking a closer look proves otherwise.

According to an article on The Flaming Vegan, a vegan diet can help you manage the right balance of testosterone in your body. The article features seven vegan foods that work to balance testosterone levels in the body, including coconut, avocado, and pumpkin seeds. If testosterone is not balanced, it can negatively affect your body in many ways, including: decreased sex drive, inhibited muscle development, hair loss, depression, weight gain, increased risk for diabetes, poor self-esteem, and more.

Of course, there are essentially endless benefits to having vegan lifestyle — not just for your health, but for the general goodness of the world. From eco-conscious vegan furniture to vegan-friendly travel, being vegan is a lot more than eating leaves and berries.

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