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3 Animal Myths to Stop Believing!
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3 Animal Myths to Stop Believing!

Being vegan means you’ve probably been told at least one of the following (or all three) statements about animals when you’ve stated that you don’t eat meat and don’t intend to. Time to bust these myths once and for all.

The Myths:

  1. Human beings were designed to eat meat.
  2. Why did a Higher Power create animals if they weren’t supposed to be eaten?
  3. Eating animals is natural - our ancestors did it!

Right. Let’s bust these myths, shall we?

  • ‘Human beings were designed to eat meat.’

Actually, there’s evidence to the contrary. Animal products are bad for us. While carnivores can eat meat without ending up with hardened arteries, human beings cannot, which puts us at risk of health conditions such as strokes and heart disease. Even our intestines don’t fit the bill of meat-eating creatures. While carnivores have short intestinal tracts so that meat is able to pass quicker through their bodies, our intestinal tracts are longer. This is a problem because it takes longer for food to be broken down. Usually foods vegans eat passes through the body quicker than that of meat-eaters, because they tend to eat more fibre. 

  • 'Why did a Higher Power create animals if they weren't supposed to be eaten?'

There are much better reasons why animals would be on the planet. One of them is that animals all serve a purpose in the greater scheme of things. In the book, ‘Cows Save the Planet’, author Judith Schwartz states that grazing animals have many benefits for the world, such as actually helping to restore land and improve soil quality if they are managed properly. What further thwarts the idea that we are somehow insisted on to eat meat from a religious perspective is that the base of all religions is compassion and kindness. This is not just meant to be shown towards our fellow human beings but also to the animals that are sharing this journey with us. 

  • 'Eating meat is what our ancestors did so we should do it too!'

Although our ancestors got by on a daily meat diet in order to survive, it wasn’t actually healthy for them. Scientists have found that their bones reveal dietary issues. An example is the skull remains in Kenya that have displayed lesions which are associated with deficiencies in B-vitamins. 





*Image: © Coka / Dollar Photo Club

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  1. Support
    Thanks for exploring these ideas, Giulia! Important discussions should ensue!
  2. Berren
    In terms of love, I would really be interested to hear if other vegans who want to find love (with another vegan) are finding it impossible to find someone. I'm giving up hope and tired of the stats stacked up against us as we're comparatively far and few. The local vegan groups are dire with few vegan singletons (there seems to be more females than males at these events making meeting vegan men even more challenging) and I can never tell who are and aren't vegan at vegan food festivals, and events let alone who might be single. The vegan dating websites (in the UK) are poor and often redirect you to other sites, and have few subscribers. It's incredibly important that I share my life with another vegan and I had made a decision that I could no longer have a relationship with a partner that isn't vegan. I thought for many years that I could compromise - but I can't. Being vegan is an integral part of my life and sharing this view with 'my love' would be incredible for so many reasons. A part of me wants to make light of this as it's quite exposing, but actually finding love is serious to those that seek it, as is veganism. So to end on a complete downer (sorry) and as I know few vegans, I'd be interested to hear from others who are in the same boat or to hear a blog on anything to do with finding vegan love.. where the hell do all the vegans hang out! Anyone? From a slightly downhearted but hopeful fan of the flaming vegan! Georgina (UK)


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