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This New Site is the Perfect Tool for Vegans
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This New Site is the Perfect Tool for Vegans

We’ve all been there stuck in conversation with meat-eaters – they’ve demanded facts and figures, and you didn’t know them off the top of your head. Or perhaps you’re having a friendly chat with someone and you want to back up something you’re saying with verifiable information.

I know I’ve personally been there dozens of times. One time, at a BBQ, a guy hit me with the “plants have feelings though” for so long that I totally lost the will and went home to bed. It’s not always easy trying to do the right thing, and you don’t always have the energy to be fully prepared in a discussion.

Well, the good news is a non-profit start-up in the states just launched a new website, which is the perfect antidote to this feeling of “OMG give me strength (and some numbers)”. was started in January of this year to shed some light on the scale of the numbers involved in factory farming, giving a real-time account of the number of animal lives lost due to animal agriculture.

It’s perfect for activists or for anyone just wanting a resource to refer people to. It lists stats for the number of animals killed since visiting the page, gallons of water consumed by the meat industry, and other (very bleak and depressing) facts such as the number of chickens drowned alive in factories. And it stays updated, which is amazing.

It also has a list of useful questions and answers, which is an indispensable read for vegans who want to stay informed.

There’s even advice for people who want to continue eating meat but want to make a difference in some way. So you can keep talking to that annoying uncle at the family event and guide him to some non-confrontational data, and you may just plant a seed along the way.

And if you come from another country, you can go a step further and help to create an animal clock using local data in your native language. Go forth and inform, vegans!! <3

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