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This Isn't Vegan Activism - It's You Just Looking For Attention!
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This Isn't Vegan Activism - It's You Just Looking For Attention!

A video of a vegan freaking out after discovering he'd eaten cheese has been cropping up all over the internet. But it's not doing the vegan lifestyle any favors.  


  • Why We Don't Need To See A Vegan Losing It

In the video, a vegan YouTuber called Powsimian bites into a vegan pizza and makes the alarming discovery that there is cheese in the sauce. During the video, he calls the company from where his mom had bought the food, asks them if they have any animal products in their sauce, and then throws his phone across the room when he learns that they do. He then asks the camera, “Tell me who the f**k puts cheese in sauce?” Although he is clearly passionate about his vegan lifestyle, the video has come across as making vegans seem dramatic and neurotic. The video got 16,000 thumbs-down when it was posted on Reddit.  

  • Damage Control That Makes It Worse

Powsiminian then posted a second video describing how he flipped over the cheese sauce. He also claimed to notice that he got lots of dislikes on the first video and was surprised that vegans themselves didn't like it (really?!). Although he speaks of how killing animals is wrong and shouldn't be reduced to something like “first world problems”, as some had commented after viewing his freak-out video, the second video also received thousands of dislikes. He then said he actually wants dislikes because videos with the most dislikes get the most views. SMH.

  • Making Vegans Seem Crazy

Is it just me or is Powsiminian that vegan guy at dinner parties who preaches about the lifestyle, comes across as arrogant, and who appears to want to promote veganism but ends up putting people off it instead? It's great that he doesn’t want to eat any animal products, but the temper tantrum comes across as childish. Also, telling people about how killing animals is wrong is a good thing - but when it comes across as trying to educate or lecture people in a snarky way, this is immediately off-putting. One YouTube viewer even commented on the second video, asking people not to judge vegans based on this one guy. Being vegan gets a bad rap sometimes and people like Powsiminian contribute to that negative reputation. No one needs to get a lecture about lifestyles and it's really not easy to support someone whose values are in the right place but who just looks like he wants attention. Throwing your phone and pizza box across the room and calling your second video “F**k Reddit”? Yeah, really making yourself seem like an idiot there.

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  1. Support
    Great post, Giulia! We posted it onto our Food for Vegan Thought board on Pinterest.
  2. qwanraj
    Its really a shame you had to go and attack him with passive aggressive judgements. Reading your post I thought maybe he freaked out like..Where did he freak out!! Why are you Lying..You are lying. He just threw his phone(which probably on his bed cause you can see he looked for a place to throw his phone) He is not even screaming in the video #SHAME on you #SHAME He just threw his phone and is talking so calmly after that. that is how anyone would react. WTF!!! Seriously about the phone look at youtube and see how many people throw their phones in anger Not on the bed but actually break it for silly reasons!! So are they making look meat eaters bad??? Why are you using this pathetic logical fallacies. Vegans are humans and you will have people who were the same when they were meat eaters. Going vegan is not going to turn them into Buddhists monks!!! Shame on you Shame!! Vegans like you are taking this movement back and fortifying the myth that vegans are crazy because they are vegans.(a few are crazy cause hey that is why they are as a human being and they were meat eaters before). Look at a sane comment from a non vegan. Learn from this meat eaters. He bring sup valid points. You should be ashamed and you should retrospect and check this mentality of yours check yourself please. "Oh wow... y'all are so fking rude in the comments... I'm not a vegan but I do agree with this dude. He has passion in what he does. Imagine if you guys got something on your food that you specifically asked not to be there (because of allergies, because of being vegan, because of not liking it/possibly puking when it touches your tongue). Y'all just asking for shit for no reason in the comment section, whilst probably acting "good" on every other social media. Y'all need a freaking reality check, freaking keyboard warriors. >.>?" Most comments and downvotes are from non-vegan talking shit I quote one below "My brother is a vegan. Has been since highschool and still is for 12 years. He believed that animals didnt deserve to be slaughtered for food. He also didnt call people shit cunts for eating meat, and he ended up eating a fair amount of meat from other peoples plates because he believes that an already butchered animal deserved to be eaten and used as energy instead of thrown in the trash. You are inconsistent with your values. Get a grip on yourself and quit making a show of your beliefs." you think these people will go vegan if this guy had not freaked out. So many comments are telling him that he got to feel like a man just because he ate some cheese. Never trust a blogger I think vegans should stop following bloggers and youtubers kind of vegan gurus celebs. Because you guys will do anything to get hits. I won't be surprised if you like many vegan(ex-vegan) bloggers will one day say "I am not vegan anymore because vegans are crazy"..
  3. ColleenM
    Thanks Giulia. I agree completely. I've been in online conversations with meat-eaters and vegans where the vegans actually really harmed the cause by getting aggressive and overly emotional. In the end it's about the animals, not about us, so ego should take a back seat to getting the message out there. Plus so many people already see us as flakes, no need to reinforce the stereotype :(


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