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This Is How I Went Vegan
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This Is How I Went Vegan

Just recently, about five minutes ago I had a beautifully written article that I had just finished writting and I was going to submit it,but I accidently deleted it.So here goes my second try.

          For about six months now I have been vegan.Now I am reflecting on how I got here and what I have learned along the way.It has been quite a journey so far.On April third, 2012 my family and I were out at an indian restaurant.While ordering, I began to discuss  my new enthusiasm for going to a vegitarian diet.At that moment I ordered lentil soup.My wife ordered a beef dish that she loved,it was what she usually ordered.She insisted that I try it before I make my transition to being vegitarian.After some pressure I had a bite.While it was tasty,I knew that it would be the last bite of meat I would have.The next day I was thinking vegitarian vs vegan.Should I give up cheese,fish,eggs and so many other food items that I had grown use to over so many years? Could I go without so many of these foods that I have loved for so long.Fish was a hard one to give up.But as I thought about it and watched videos on the alternative to adapting a vegan lifestyle, videos like Glass Walls.Well on the fourth of April 2012 I came to the decision that I would go vegan.That morning I was in a bookstore looking for something that could give me a little insight into what I would do from that point.The first book I picked up was a very good one by Bob Torres & Jenna Torres.They were very well informed and they spoke straight from their hearts,no sugar coating.It was then that I knew that I would be a vegan.While reading that book I learned so much just from reading and I also learned quite a bit by just living my life from day to day while reading.Just a little over a month after becoming a vegan I learned that I had a nonaggressive form of cancer,but cancer none the less.In the past six months I had been in the hospital twice for weeks at a time.That book and my new vegan attitude was there too.There were people like family,nurses and a couple of doctors asking me about how I became vegan and what I eat or don't eat.My family brought me fantastic vegan smoothies.There was a nurse that told me of her family being vegan.A doctor showed interest in becoming vegan to get his weight in check.It felt great to know that I could make a difference in someones life.

           Just recently I was informed that my wife's sister and her family had become vegans.When I ask how they decided to go vegan I was told that my daughter had discussed over summer vacation while visiting them the way she along with her brother and mom were now vegitarian and her dad was now vegan.That had a good impression on them.After I am done here I am going to contact them and let them know they have my full support.

          In the past few weeks I have been wondering just how people out there become vegan and how they stay vegan.Lately I am interested in seeing what brought others to be vegan and what are they eating now.How has their lives changed.

         So to other vegans out there I say let's rock this vegan lifestyle.Eat well,share your great food and recipes and maybe change a few minds along the way.



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  1. Veganara
    Voted. Nice article, congratulations on going vegan! I am sorry to hear you have cancer, but I am sure you will find that a vegan diet is the best one to keep it in check, I hope you get well soon (since meat and dairy products are two of the biggest causes of cancer!) You might be interested in my latest article on green energy, It's An Ill Wind..., and if you like it, please vote! :-)
  2. SnakeWitch
    Hey, this is an interesting journey. I am quite happy to see that you managed to influence so many people into becoming vegans or vegetarians. You must have good karma! Good luck with cancer, but since you are vegan now, it should be much easier to deal with than if you weren't. Welcome to The Flaming Vegan and happy posting! I voted for you. I have a new article as well - True Compassion - stop by if you have the chance.
    1. moregreensplease
      Thank you.This site is so great for us new vegans.I really feel like I am surrounded by friends.Just a moment ago I skimmed past the title of your new article,I am going to read it now.
  3. BuddhasDelight
    i feel your pain about the first delete, that is so frustrating! thanks for taking the time to re-share and post. great article. voted! :) cheers.
  4. Mark T
    Voted. Hope you are better soon. My own journey was pretty short too. I went vegetarian on 1/17/12 - for dietary reasons. Still hadn't made the connection. Someone suggested I watch "Earthlings". I did so on 1/22/12 and 35 minutes into the movie, with tears running down my face...I became vegan - for ethical reasons.
  5. Anita Vegana
    I hope your path to veganism helps you in whatever way it can. You seem to deserve it. I voted. When you have the chance, please come read my new article, Human-Only Circuses, Please, and vote if you like it.
  6. Teresa
    Vote #7. I need to start studying this thought more thoroughly, because, I was told to lower my intake of cholesterol to prevent from having any form of heart diseases. Therefore, I would like to know more about this thought, not only for myself, but also, for my three sons as well. Therefore, if anyone has any insights on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon. If you wish to contact me personally, please, give me your email address, and I'll be glad to look you up. My email address is as follows: Take care.
  7. Doctor Mom
    Great choice!


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