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What to Consider Before You Plan Your "Green" Travel
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What to Consider Before You Plan Your "Green" Travel

Everyone is talking about the environment these days. Governments and corporations from all around the world are working to lower their emissions of greenhouse gases, while individual citizens are also being encouraged to do their part for ecology. Many of us have started following green habits like minimizing electricity usage or cutting down on wasted water, but it’s also important to think green when you want to plan a journey. Everyone wants to enjoy a great vacation from time to time, but there are steps you can take to make sure that your holiday is friendly to the environment.

Transport is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases. Studies show that in the US alone, transportation methods account for almost half of the nation’s carbon dioxide production. Any prospective travelers should therefore try to find the greenest ways to travel. This means that you should search for the most direct route possible to minimize your impact on the environment. Coral O’Buckley, a vacation planner who works to help customers plan their ideal holidays, also recommends that people choose to fly coach rather than first class. The luxury services and extra room offered to first class passengers simply use more of the planet’s vital resources than necessary.

Another piece of advice has been given from Laurie Szostak, who works at Organic Hudson Valley. Szostak encourages travelers to contact tourism offices before booking any trips. Plenty of helpful staff are on hand in these offices to provide expert advice regarding the best methods of travel and other parts of the planning process. These offices can also help you to find the most eco-friendly places to stay during your trip. There are a lot of things to consider when looking for accommodation. You should be checking whether or not a hotel has recycling plans in place, for example.

However, there’s much more to it than just that. Mary White, founder of the website, reveals that a lot of B&B owners go to special lengths for the environment. At some B&Bs, you can eat organically sourced food, help out with compost programs, benefit from linen recycling and witness lots of other great initiatives that help visitors enjoy green vacations. White’s site has even got its own feature to help visitors find the most environmentally-friendly B&Bs in any given area. Using sites like this one can help you easily discover the top places to stay, especially if you want to do your bit for the world while still enjoying a pleasant vacation.

At every stage of your trip, you can be doing things to stay green. O’Buckley recommends that people pack as little luggage as possible. Keeping the weight light will lower the amount of pollution produced on your journey. You can also stay green at your hotel by keeping lights turned off, minimizing water usage, and not abusing the air-conditioning or heating systems. It’s easy to see that, with a bit of effort, we can all travel green.


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