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How to Veganize Your Bedroom
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How to Veganize Your Bedroom

You might not realize that your bedroom likely has more than a few animal products lurking in it that make it very non-vegan. Seriously! Here’s the lowdown on what is in your bedroom and how you can make it much more vegan.

  • Mattress:

Latex is often found in mattresses and it contains casein, a protein that makes up approximately 80 per cent of milk. Rather replace it with a vegan mattress that makes use of natural fibres that are not derived from animals.

  • Down and Feathers:

Many feathers and down are a by-product of animals such as ducks and geese that are slaughtered for food. Although it’s illegal for birds to have their feathers plucked while they’re alive in the U.S. and many European countries, the practice still occurs in factory farms in places like China, Poland and Hungary.

  • Wool:

Those woolly winter blankets might make you feel cozy, but there’s a good reason why vegans steer clear of wool. Sheep can be harmed for their wool in various ways.

  • 1.When they get older they don’t produce as much wool as they used to, with the result that they are sent to be slaughtered. 
  • 2. Sheep can be bred to have thick wool that over time becomes dirty and attracts flies, making them targets of flystrike, a condition where fly eggs hatch on the host animal and the emerging maggots start to eat them alive. 
  • 3. Breeders usually conduct mulesing on sheep that are suffering from flystrike. This is a horrible practice in which pieces of skin are cut from a sheep’s hindquarters to prevent flies from being attracted to them. This is done without the use of anesthesia.
  • Silk:

Silk is generally avoided by certain vegans because it is produced in a way that is cruel to silkworms. To gain silk, the worms are boiled alive inside their cocoons. Invest in vegan products that are also organic, such as 100% cotton.

  • Aphrodisiacs:

The bedroom is not always just for sleeping! If you wish to get into the mood, forget bringing non-vegan aphrodisiacs into the bedroom. Opt for vegan alternatives, such as dairy-free dark chocolate and pumpkin. And remember to purchase vegan condoms, too!

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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