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Things You Can Do Now to Prep Your Organic Garden for Spring
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Things You Can Do Now to Prep Your Organic Garden for Spring

Winter often forces us to get creative when it comes to composting and keeping our produce in top form. When the bounty of last year’s summer and fall harvests begin to fade, we often start thinking of the new spring vegetables and organic crops we’ll have in the coming year. Preparing now for spring planting and gardening can save us time and effort down the line and ensure this year is one of the best for our organic gardening.

Clean and Oil Tools

A good whetstone, a synthetic strop and a heap of patience can go a long way towards ensuring all of your bladed tools are ready for the spring ahead. If you plan to get an early start on tough ground, consider sharpening shovels and other ground equipment. Inspect your rototiller and drain the tank now so you can use fresh biofuels when spring arrives. Instead of using traditional oils, like motor oil, to preserve your equipment, try organic linseed oil. This vegan alternative won’t cause any harm if it leaches into the soil, and it doesn’t leave smudgy buildups on your tools. It can even improve the health of the garden over time.

Start Plants Indoors

Many spring crops benefit from an early start indoors. If you plan to plant from seed or even work with small saplings, start these indoors with small, biodegradable planters that you can transfer once the last frost fades away. Keep them well hydrated and take special care to wipe away any dust from the leaves. Sleep experts note that succulents make great houseplants for bedrooms when you’re just starting them out. They add a pop of color and a healthy warmth to almost any space.

Add Flower Boxes

If a pop of color is what you desire, try touching up the exterior of your house with seeds and bulbs for the coming spring. Flower boxes add curb appeal while also adding another level to your selection of foods and giving you a chance to test out your watering can and other tools before you move to the big stuff in the backyard. Flower boxes, and their freestanding planter counterparts, also make it easy to draw winter birds to your yard and add a touch of nature to your landscaping.

Consider Exterior Lighting

Before the long winter nights truly recede, outdoor plants in your planters or garden may suffer from inadequate lighting. Consider solar lighting as well as light bulbs made specifically for plants for ecofriendly options that deliver exactly the right type of light your plants need to thrive. Elegant touches like antique lighting can also transform the look of a garden space, as well as make it feel much more personal. Remember to protect plants against frost, as a late winter storm can wreak havoc if you get started too soon. Some exterior lighting options also have heated bulbs alternatives that can keep greenhouse spaces or deck planters warm throughout the year.

Feed the Birds

Don’t trust the flower boxes alone to draw beautiful birds to your home. Wild birds will return all year long as long as you provide them with food and a safe place to roost. Get creative with birdhouses hidden in trees or even at ground level around your property. Natural gourd birdhouses are a beautiful addition to most organic gardens. The birds will provide organic fertilizer and pest control all year long, as long as you’re willing to share your space and some wild bird feed when the need arises.

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