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Things That Help Keep the Common Cold and Flu at  Bay
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Things That Help Keep the Common Cold and Flu at Bay

If you are a smoker, please find a way to stop. This aides in brining on colds and the flu because nicotine destroys the vitamin C, in your body. That’s why you see so many smokers going for huge bottles of vitamin C, in high dosages to get rid of their colds. Plus you don’t need this on top of all the other diseases that come with smoking.

The way to keep cold and flu at bay is to drink 32 ounces of green tea a day, or close to it. The antioxidants that come from it, go a long way in keeping your body healthy. Stay hydrated as much as possible. Drink about a half a gallon of water a day. Get plenty of exercise and rest.  Rest helps your body restore and replenish itself. Seven to eight hours of sleep helps your organs to restore while keeping your hormones more balanced.

Since garlic is a natural antibiotic, adding it to your foods helps in keeping colds away too. Natural peppermint is also good.  Plus using supplements to get back the vitamins and minerals that you lost, will also help.

Following a Vegan diet also helps in keeping colds and the flu at the bay. This is because you are eating healthier foods grown from the mother plant with little to no additives.  The natural grown grains have so many vitamins in them, like Quinoa.

With all this said when you feel a cold coming on, don’t ignore it and don’t starve it either. They used to say “Starve the cold and feed the fever”. Just the opposite in true. The more food that you give your body to fight the cold with, the faster it is going to be through your system.  Immediately increase your antioxidants. Also gargle with hot water and get plenty of rest.

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  1. Carolyn
    Susan, looks like The Flaming Vegan has overhauled the site. I also read that the pay out has now been raised to $15.00. Thanks for the information on the common cold. I have always used Vicks Vaporub for a chest cough. (Vote #3)
  2. pftsusan
    Thank you Carolynn. Vicks is in the pic. Not only did they reconstruct this site, they have templates for recipes, pics to chose from flicker and a 24 hour waiting period for your post to be approved. A content limit minimum on the words. Plus site content. We knew that one. Grammar and spelling correct. They way to look at it is this way, in the end; it's all for the better.
  3. Teresa
    Nice job on this Susan. Just voted. I agree, that keeping the cold and flu at bay is a nice thing to do. Especially, when winter season is just around the corner... I've heard of green tea, but never tried it. In keeping my immune system built up, I am taking in 1,000mg of Vitamin C.... Also, I am taking in 2,000 of Vitamin B-12 for circulatory & Nerve Health.. I am also, to be taking in 400 to 600 mg of Calcium, and 600 to 800 mg of Vitamin D. I believe, that by walking every single day to and from where I work at, gives me plenty of vitamin D. It takes me about 25 minutes to and from work every day. Plus, I get plenty of exercises that way. On a lighter note, hey there. for the ones that knows me, when reading this comment, please, if you want to make a comment on what I've posted, please, do me a favor and send it via by face book. I no longer have my email account anymore. I will have to set up a new one. My old one has gotten hacked into and now, I need to create a newer one. Look forward to hearing from you all soon. Take care my friends.
    1. pftsusan
      Thank you very much Teresa. The supplements are good. Also give the green a try too. Glad that you are keeping the Cold and the Flu at the Bay.


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