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Being Born a Vegan
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Being Born a Vegan

I was born into a vegan family in India. Our religion has strict rules about the vegan lifestyle. We are trained like that, and don’t feel anything missing until we join school. There are people of all religions and lifestyles in India. So, it does pose problems sometimes when vegan students are often teased about the food and lifestyle. I have grown up hearing such taunts, but never let go of my principles. Boys are, however, more vulnerable to sneers and taunts since they are allowed to hang out.

Parents in vegan families were stricter before. However, the entrance of lifestyle food joints such as Mc Donald’s and others is a strong temptation. The youth of today find them hard to resist. That said, the benefit of a vegan lifestyle is gaining popularity because of the bad name associated with modern factory farms and their heinous practices.

There are certain flaws in the vegan lifestyle, and with increasing vegetable prices and the widespread use of fertilizers on plants, it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet in developing countries. If people tried to grow their own vegetables, it would be a lot healthier. Do not think it is impossible though, because my late aunt had a whole garden on her apartment terrace  and there are many people who still grow their own vegetables.

I live in a farm house and we try our best to grow our own vegetables. Our collection includes spinach, brinjal (egg plant), gourds, tapioca root, and papaya. I hope this inspires you to grow vegetables. If so, I will consider my humble effort a successful one.

I still am a vegan, and my husband and son also are.  It is not an uncomfortable lifestyle and it also helps alleviate a lot of lifestyle diseases.


*Image of me holding the bananas from our farm. image source: Deepa



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  1. johnnydod
    Nice one deepa and thanks for the invite
    1. deepam
      waiting for your post sir
  2. ColleenRanney
    Thanks for the invite :)
    1. deepam
      my pleasure
  3. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    Thank you for sharing. I would love to read more about your vegan experiences in India!
    1. deepam
      sure dear. I will share my experiences


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