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The Vegan Lifestyle of Bill Clinton
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The Vegan Lifestyle of Bill Clinton

This will be a short splurge to spread some light on how the vegan lifestyle is indeed the way to go. After all, being healthy means much more than being a certain weight and feeling good about yourself. After adopting a plant-based diet, you will overall be a sharper thinker and have more energy. In addition to that, you will be around longer for the ones who love you.

Bill Clinton has been a vegan for over three years. One day, after Clinton’s quadruple-bypass surgery in 2004, he received a troubling email from one of his doctors that changed the course of his life. He decided then that given his chronic heart trouble, he was a high-risk individual, and that his current lifestyle really wasn’t worth the risk. To be around for the growth of his grandchildren and to ensure a chance for long-term survival—he chose veganism. He went on to lose approximately 30 pounds after giving up dairy and meat. The vegan lifestyle seems to have changed his perspective on the world. Clinton now believes that diet problems are damaging the country’s health care system. He's gone on several prominent talk shows throughout the country telling his fascinating and important story. Clinton's approach is interesting, not just in how he's expressed his new views via the mainstream, but in that he comes to the (vegan) table heralding the science behind a plant-based diet. Citing the crucial and groundbreaking work by the likes of Dr. Colin Campbell and The The China Study, Clinton sheds some refreshing light on nutrition, and one that's much needed. Regardless of one's political (or apolitical) leanings, Mr. Clinton commands a respect few can argue with. He's a force, regardless of one's personal feelings, and we'll take all of the positive press we can get! It just goes to show you, that if you become a vegan you will change yourself and hopefully the world.

Image courtesy of Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. Nice blog. It seems we are discussing celebrities here on TFV at present - thanks for voting and commenting on my recent blog about Angelina Jolie! I thought Bill Clinton was influenced to go vegan by his daughter Chelsea, but you have cleared that up for me.
  2. Buster509
    Two years ago, Bill Clinton's testimony about a plant-based diet inspired me to try it. I also researched Ornish, Esselstein and Fuhrman. And, I watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and read "Forks Over Knives" before becoming convinced that I could make a positive change in my lifestyle. Once committed, it was easy and losing a little weight was motivating to stick with the program. AND, I feel marvelous for having done so. Thank you for posting.
    1. LiveHealthyNow
      no problem you should post that story so others can read it! Thank you for appreciating mine.


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