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The Vegan Comedian - Controversial Vegan Jokes
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The Vegan Comedian - Controversial Vegan Jokes

Here's a new live video of me doing Vegan stand up comedy that I wanted to share with you all specifically on the Flaming Vegan site. I know that we've all had our share of troubles and stresses as vegans, so I tried to illustrate some of those with comedy; and I figured that comedy is a good way to reach meat-eaters too. If there are things we all can laugh about, omnivores, vegans and vegetarians, than maybe that's a start. If we can get meat-eaters to see the silly side of eating-meat, and even poke fun at ourselves as vegans, than I figured that's a better way to reach people than just throwing boring research at them... Let me know your thoughts.

Is comedy a good way to reach meat-eaters?

Or should we stick to the facts, ma'am!


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  1. Shiela
    Very funny I am vote #1
  2. No Name
    Very funny. I have voted for you on this. I am vote 2. I have posted a new post on "Tahiti wakes up to save the sharks." You might like this one and could maybe add some comedy to this. I am not sure. If you would like to read this please stop by and if you like you can also vote for the efforts that Tahiti is making to save the sharks and the oceans here.
  3. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Wow! this wz rele cool n funny. Comedy definitely is a great way to convince or alteast make the other person grin on self. :P I'm vote # 3 Plz stop by my post 'B'day Confections for Dear Hubby', vote-comment-share if u like!
  4. SnakeWitch
    I am going to have to say no on the 'funny' for htis one. Sorry, but telling women that they no longer have the right to chose to end an unwanted pregnancy is going back in time for us. And I wouldn't compare 'murdering animals' to having the freedom of choosing to abort. It's apples and oranges. There is so much surrounding these two things that putting them together like this seems like a lack of respect. Furthermore, you call eggs and dairy 'murder', and they're not murder. They're slavery. Not the same.
    1. Veganara
      Voted. It makes its point really well! I disagree Annie: I am pro-life, in all senses of the word! I consider all life sacred, including that of unborn babies. Don't get me wrong, I am not some extreme, religious fundamentalist or anything. I am sure there are some cases where an abortion is desirable and necessary, for medical reasons, for example. I agree with you completely that the option should be available for women, as sometimes they are in desperate sitiuations when they have an unwanted pregnancy. But abortion should not be used as a form of contraception, which it often is. More responsible use of birth control is the answer.
      1. Veganara
        PS Anyone who has not seen my most recent blog The Clean and Green Method, please check it out! Useful information!! :-)
        1. No Name
          I have read your recent blog and voted on this one already. If I could vote twice I would. I hope a few more people will come and read the blogs in the next few days. Seems a little dead here and not sure why. Might be the Valentines day coming soon or some sort of vacations. I wish you luck.
      2. SnakeWitch
        Oh, I'm not saying that they should use it as a contraception method. But what I am saying is, for example, a woman who is raped - I don't think they should take away her right either, since she never even wanted to have sex! If the parents are dreadfully and obviously not ready to have children and it was a fault in the contraception (condoms are, after all, only 88% garanteed to work), that is another time I would say 'fine'. I'm not saying have all the unprotected sex you want without limits. I also wanted to point out that vegansim and birth rights are not two things I would put together. The issues surrounding the two are just too different to be compared this way. And I will add that I got out of a very sticky, unhappy situation because of my right to abort. I would have a very poor baby, with a father that has no clue how to take care of himself - even less children - as a parental figure, and my life would be in total, absolute shambles had I accepted to give birth to this child. I promote abortion only in cases where there is a very good reason to end the abortion. Seriously, I think there would be less miserable children on the planet if we didn't make abortion such a horrendous act. My baby would've been miserable and under the line of poverty because daddy refuses to get a job and daddy purposely empregnated mommy because he knew she was about to leave him. That makes for a very depressing household.
        1. Veganara
          Well I don't think I could ever have one, but I am not judging you for it, I am sure you made the best decision you could under the circumstances. But you say this man deliberately impregnated you because he knew you were about to leave him? I don't really understand how that could happen without your consent though, sorry! (unless it was rape!) I disagree that veganism and birth rights are two separate things, I think they both come under the pro-life ethos. It is a highly controversial subject though, I know, and I have never had an unplanned pregnancy, so how do I really know how I would act in that situation? I have taken great care NOT to get in that situation though, because I would feel so bad about having an abortion! One thing about the abortion laws is that they should definitely make them much more strict, so that they have to be done in the first couple of months, the foetus probably won't suffer much then.
          1. SnakeWitch
            Rape... not quite. I consented, but warned him to be careful and he wasn't. I have part of the blame in this - not saying I'm completely innocent - but impregnating a woman because she's not happy in the relationship is a very bad idea. Like I said, he couldn't even take care of himself (when I wasn't home, believe or not, he had muffins three times a day instead of actual meals), so he never would've been able to take care of a baby. He chose to fully depend on me. I'm not blaming him, either, because his dad did the very same thing as quickly as he could - worked for about twenty-something years, and although he has a pension, forces his girlfriend to cook and clean even though she works the night shift as a nurse. The kids, even as adults, didn't even have to clean their own rooms. I should've left the relationship before he did that to me, but I was not a strong woman then, and it took me forever to kick him out of my life. Anyhow, happy to not be with him and sure as hell am happy to not have to take care of his baby alone (because that's how it would've been).
            1. SnakeWitch
              And to me this is separate because of the social human aspect of it. I agree that pro-life is good, until you look closely at all this 'male dominance' aspect that comes with it. It's psychological and even though we could tie the two together on many aspects, there are still too many differences to put them exactly under the same headings.
  5. Pierre
    this is very different and not sure how vegan and comedy go hand in hand but you did a fair job on this one. voted
  6. Conroy
    Very different voted
  7. JustVegan
    Voted. Do come and take a look at my new post coconut macaroons and vote if you like.
  8. SKimball
    This statement in Michael's bio is either a lie or he is a very amateur comedian when it comes to our philosophy: "He is a vegetarian and an always struggeling vegan." There is a typo in there by the way. To me he sounds like the typical vegan-hater who casts stereotypes and uses them to turn his opponents into strawmen. He used his girlfriend as the example to add credibility to the set-up of the joke but, most often it's a writer, commentator, or someone walking by a protest and they call the vegan activists baby-killers and eco-nuts. The abortion stereotype is wrong if applied to a pro-life vegan activist and off the mark if applied to a pro-choice vegan activist. Afterall, this isn't as black and white of an issue as people make it out to be. It would only be a contradiction if the pro-choice person would end a child's development in the womb but, absolutely opposed any animal ever being killed for any reason. Or, if the pro-choice person would support ending a child's development in the womb but, wouldn't ever allow any animal to ever have an abortion. With these specifics added it doesn't describe very many people and certainly not the average vegan. Personally, I feel like abortion is a heart-wrenching experience that is performed when it is felt necessary. Sometimes that is true and sometimes it is not but, they do it only when that's how they feel. How many people feel like they won't survive without a "tasty egg and cheese omelet?" Where is the necessity in what they are doing to dairy calves and battery hens? I have my doubts that Michael has any idea what it takes to create a "tasty egg and cheese omelet." Yeah right, "always a struggeling vegan." For comedy that represents vegans a little closer than "taking a pile of human mush and throwing it in the dumpster" I like Myq Kaplin. He pokes fun at veganism too, especially the social aspects of being a huge minority in society and he does it without leaving people with the impression that vegans are moral hypocrites. Kaplin recently said: "Vegans live up to 15 years longer because we never get invited anywhere fun or dangerous."
    1. Michael Anthony
      Michael Anthony
      Few things to address here, let's take them one by one. "Michael's bio is either a lie or he is a very amateur comedian when it comes to our philosophy." First off, I wrote that bio years ago when I was a vegetarian and struggling vegan. I've been vegan for well over a year now, including when I made that video. So all this talk about "when it comes to our philosophy," I am a vegan; so it's kind of my philosophy too. Also, thanks for pointing out my typo, really classy move, and really key to your argument, now I'll point out yours. "After all" is two words, not one; and his name is Myq Kaplan NOT Myq Kaplin (but you're right, he is a very funny comedian). Let's not nick pick each other, though, we're on the same side after all. It's funny that you called me a "vegan-hater," because as I've stated, I'm a vegan. And my so called "opponents" that I turn into "stawmen," are meat-eaters, not vegans. I'm interested too in the comparison between me and someone who calls vegan protesters "baby-killers and eco-nuts." Wow. (If that is what you meant, your sentence there is a little confusing.) Funny story regarding that; I'm an Iraq war vet, and I actually have been called a baby-killer before, which is absurd, I didn't kill any babies in Iraq, and not only that, but I worked in a hospital in Iraq, and I've actually delivered babies before. But thanks for the comparison. Again, really classy move. "...this isn't as black and white of an issue as people make it out to be." Obviously the issue isn't black and white. The joke is meant to entertain, but also to get people to think and talk about issues. But let's not forget the main point. It's a...wait for it... joke. I wrote it after meeting several vegans who were pro-choice and who didn't eat eggs. It seemed like an interesting topic to explore, so I did. God forbid something upsets your sensibilities though. I would bet my life that I've gotten more people to become vegan/vegetarian than you have, and probably ever will. Do you know why that is? It's because I'm out there. I'm meeting people. I'm talking to them. I say jokes. I don't attack people anonymously. I mean... I'm a vegan...and you're attacking me. I can only imagine what happens when you meet a meat-eater who doesn't agree with your views. And if we are going to summarize each other's characters based on interactions that we haven't had, then here's what I have to say about you: know what. Forget it. You're a vegan, I'm a vegan, we're both just trying to make the world a better place. You are completely wrong about me though.
      1. Veganara
        That's a great response Michael! I couldn't understand why SKimball was attacking you in that way. Why did he/she make the assumption you are a "vegan-hater"??? You made your point really well, and this is something that all vegans should really think about deeply, if they are vegan for ethical reasons, because they don't like the idea of killing and harming animals - following that logic, why is it OK to kill an unborn child, because you don't want to be pregnant? An unborn baby can suffer too, certainly with late-term abortions. I am pro-life in every sense of the word, but I know that abortion is a grey area, a highly controversial issue, because it is also tied up closely with women's rights. Being a woman myself, I would hate to have to carry and give birth to a child I didn't want, and other women should not have to either. But I think abortions should be done as a last resort, and the laws need to be tightened up greatly. So many of them are done for the most selfish of reasons, by women who just haven't taken the adequate precautions not to get pregnant. Unwanted pregnancies are pretty much preventable these days, that's what makes me angry! So if vegans really want to prevent suffering to all sentient beings as much as possible, they need to try not to ever get into the unplanned pregnancy situation.
      2. SKimball
        I just have to say you're awfully touchy about receiving a few criticisms after you post a video with the word "controversial" in the title. I'm sorry if I came on strong but, I didn't feel like I was attacking as much as defending. I shouldn't have pointed out the typo, that was petty. You may have turned meat-eaters into strawmen (which you shouldn't do actually) but, you didn't do it with this video. The vegan was in fact the target. Also, I didn't know if you were one of the people who calls vegan protesters baby-killers because there is no other context in the video clip except a little tag that says you are a vegan comedian. The clip gave me no reason to believe that but, since you extensively defended your character as an effective advocate for veganism then, no, I was not making a comparison between you and someone who calls vegan protesters baby-killers and eco-nuts. It's what I was trying to figure out. I can't be completely wrong about you because I never presumed I knew anything about you other than my doubts about your level of knowledge about the dairy and egg industry. You made the consumption of their products sound trivial. I only referred to the information provided by the clip. It's a little ironic then, that you would presume you have gotten more people to become veg'n than me and probably ever will or that I'm not out there meeting people or telling jokes. I didn't attack you anonymously (SKimball is a name I go by) and I'm more polite when I speak then I can muster when typing. I honestly don't think I was anymore rude than you were in the clip though.
  9. SKimball
    I didn't say you weren't vegan, I said "he sounds like the typical vegan-hater" and that's because you are repeating the same joke I've heard from vegan-haters for 20 years. So, I figured you are either a plant on this site or so amateur that you accidentally make vegans look like freaks who are "taking a pile of human mush and throwing it in the dumpster." Even prolife Veganara agrees that abortion is a grey area and should only be performed when there is a necessity. I don't believe women go into an abortion lightly and only when they feel it is necessary, whether that is true or not, they believe it is. Few people think a "tasty egg and cheese omelet" is a necessity. That is what SnakeWitch meant by it being apples and oranges. I expect the general public not to get it and simply compare killing animals with killing babies without any thought about need but, it really sucks the funny out of the joke when a vegan doesn't realize that. A better understanding of the differences between Peter Singer's views and Tom Regan's or Gary Francione's would clear up a lot of the confusion about which vegans would support which actions. Utilitarians like Singer would allow for abortion within their animal protection philosophy whereas, abolitionists tend to be more fundamentally prolife. This might be a good topic to explore next and describe to the masses.
    1. Veganara
      It's still a logical contradiction to call yourself vegan and have the ethos of protecting all life, but to be in favour of abortion, SKimball. Michael's comparison about killing animals and killing babies is still a good one. The majority of abortions are done for the most selfish of reasons, I think you will find.
  10. SKimball
    Veganara, we are both vegans and we -both- favor abortion despite wanting to protect all life. For the same reasons I can see, from what you said to SnakeWitch earlier: "I am sure there are some cases where an abortion is desirable and necessary, for medical reasons, for example. I agree with you completely that the option should be available for women, as sometimes they are in desperate sitiuations when they have an unwanted pregnancy. But abortion should not be used as a form of contraception." You want to call yourself prolife but, you can't take the fundamentalist position and say never. Our views on the subject seem to be aligned except you think the majority of abortions are done for the most selfish of reasons and I disagree that it's the majority. I think we would both have trouble coming up with sources to support our positions but, if you have something to send me I'll take a look. My veganism is a tool and a moral responsibility. I reduce the inevitable amount of suffering my life is going to cause others. There is no free lunch though. The majority of our food comes from alterations of the land that have negative effects on animals, insects are going to die as I walk, ride, or drive anywhere. I would kill an animal in self-defense. I don't object (very much anyway) about the construction of new buildings and roads that will be killing animals. As a vegan my ethos isn't to never kill, it's to limit that killing as much as possible and still have a somewhat normal life (that others would be willing to live too). I suspect I'm speaking for many of us unless you wear a mask whenever outdoors like the Janes as to not breath in and kill small, flying insects or you stop to examine each step before you take it to gently brush away insects. Although, our veganism often demands we at least watch our step. Neither of us are logically contradicting ourselves. If you said all life is to be protected and we should -never- kill animals but, favored an abortion for -any- reason, then you would be. We understand though that sometimes it's unavoidable or in the best interest of the child or the animal as a means to relieve unending pain and suffering. A child who will be born with a spinal-degeneration disease for instance who will have three to six months of life at most with no chance of being healed with modern technology. If your ethos allows you to end that child's suffering you are not contradicting yourself if you also happen to choose to be vegan. Who's going to explain that to Michael's audiences if that's not the point of his joke? Should we be supportive and vote up his next joke about how dispassionate vegans are about insects...what's up with that? Don't get me started! And how about all of their leather shoes they're wearing all of the time? Hilarious!
    1. Veganara
      Oh please don't be absurd! Are you really going to equate the lives of insects that you might accidentally inhale to the lives of unborn children, that have been started due to a consensual act of the parents? (Pregnancies as a result of rape are much more of a tricky area.) I am not contradicting myself: I want to protect all life - AS FAR AS IS REASONABLY PRACTICAL But sometimes that may mean the euthanasia of animals, as the lesser of two evils in certain situations. However pregnancies are far more preventable than accidentally inhaling or stepping on insects, or euthanising animals, I can assure you! Do the research, and you will find that most abortions are done not for reasons of medical necessity, but due to the fact that the pregnancy is inconvenient. That is a very selfish ethos, and it really is the opposite of vegan compassion. However sometimes accidents happen, I am aware of that. I just think abortion is something that should be strongly discouraged and only done as a last resort - I don't think all women should see it as their automatic "right" to have an abortion, if they get pregnant. What about the right of another developing human being to live? None of us would be here at all if our parents hadn't considered we had a right to a life. I think you should consider that carefully.
      1. SKimball
        I'm not equating the lives of insects and unborn children other than to reference their sentience and right to moral consideration as to say I can't prevent all unnecessary suffering. So dramatic like Michael. I don't have to personally value their lives equally. Those were even separate paragraphs if that helps. You say: "...pregnancies are far more preventable than accidentally inhaling or stepping on insects, or euthanising animals, I can assure you!" You don't have to assure me. I already agree. People need to be far more responsible, consider other option first, and have considerably stricter regulations in place. Plus, as you said: "...strongly discouraged and only done as a last resort." What is it that I said exactly to make you think I'm so selfish and in opposition? Just because I don't beat the prolife drum? You stated: "Do the research, and you will find that most abortions are done not for reasons of medical necessity, but due to the fact that the pregnancy is inconvenient. That is a very selfish ethos..." Agreed, I asked you for a research suggestion if you know it's there. You may be able to convince me that it's just selfish inconvenience the -majority- of the time rather than the child will have a miserable existence but, I've already agreed that abortion should not be used as a form of contraception. The description of my vegan ethos never included ending a pregnancy because of inconvenience and I think you should consider that carefully. I am not the person you are looking for but, I'll give Michael some credit, this did get people to think and talk about issues just like he said.
        1. Veganara
          That's very true actually SKimball, that it certainly has made other vegans think and talk about this issue! That is surely a good thing. I am glad you agree with me that people do need to be more responsible and consider other options first, and there should be much stricter regulations in place for abortions. I am not calling you selfish, and I am glad to hear you don't necessarily agree with ending a pregnancy because of inconvenience. Sadly, there are many women who do just that though. But I do agree that this is a tricky area - at what point can you call a developing embryo sentient, or refer to it as an unborn child? And I know the rights of women over their own bodies should be considered too. With rights come responsibilities though, which some women just don't seem to realise.


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