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The Vans Vegan Old Skool Shoe Review
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The Vans Vegan Old Skool Shoe Review

Looking for a simple vegan-friendly design that goes well with almost every outfit in your wardrobe? Seek no further! The all black cruelty-free "Vegan Old Skool" by Vans, which can be found at many Vans retailers, outlets and on the official Vans website, is a versatile shoe which can be used for many for years to come. Whether you are an athlete, an activist or interested in finding a simple yet classic vegan shoe,  the "Vegan Old Skool" is surely a must have for any occasion. The "Vegan Old Skool" is one of Vans classic pro model shoe with the infamous "Off The Wall" style. It was originally released as Style 36 and has come a long way from its original model which included leather in its design. Since its model release in 1977, this shoe's general purpose was to serve skateboarders with product features that far surpassed any skateboarding shoe of its time.

The features of the highly reviewed "Vegan Old Skool" include 100% Vegan material from canvas and synthetic upper, a reinforced toe, heal and eyebrow, its classic strip made with vinyl, vulcanized rubber outsole, its superior waffle grip, slightly padded tongue for comfort and its shock absorbing foot-bed.  From the most recent Review Snapshot® by Power Reviews from the official Vans website, based on 66 reviews, it was rated a whopping 4.1 out 5 and 85% percent of customers would recommend this product to a friend. Given, this shoe certainly has it Pros and Cons it is, however, still one of a kind and worth purchasing for anyone looking for a casual and sleek low-cut design.

The majority of those who purchased and now own the "Vegan Old Skool" clearly have a positive experience associated with this shoe, yet I would like to begin by stating some of the less popular negative reviews from consumers who purchased this shoe. To begin, the cons include poor arch support, poor cushioning, causes chaffing, is uncomfortable and can also be stiff. However, more consumers agreed that they had a more positive impact from this purchase. Its pro’s include comfortability, versatility, durability, superior cushion impact, and that it was certainly very stylish. Being an owner, myself, I can certainly agree that my positive impact from this purchase demolished any negativity that could be said otherwise.

From my own personal experience with this amazing shoe I have found that the “Vegan Old Skool” takes no time break in and is extremely comfortable. Often when I purchase a new shoe it has a tendency to give me blisters on the back of my heels when wearing low socks, but this shoe has not created any discomfort and there is no sign of any blisters. Its laces tie up securely creating a formed fit that will never cause the shoe to fall off. Given, because the laces are generally long, depending on the size, at times the laces come undone, but this can be easily avoided with a tight double knot or if you typically tuck your laces inside the thin laces are never felt and remain inside the shoe at all times. My favorite feature about the shoe is the all black color way which never fails to go well with any outfit. The thinly padded tongue is comfortable and sits stationary on the top of the foot never straying to either side which often will create a crease in the tongue. The waffle grip allows for a strong grip to almost any pavement, yet allows anyone to move easily on the dance floor or any activity that requires vigorous movement. The cushion is highly superior to that of any low-cut shoe and will provide comfort for long distance walking and standing for great periods of time. If you intend to purchase this product for skateboarding or athletic purposes you may want to consider having one pair for casual outings and a separate pair for whatever athletic purpose you intend to use it for. The reason I make this recommendation is that, being a skateboarder myself, it did not take very long to penetrate a hole through the canvas despite the double layer which surrounds the toe cap. Personally, this does not bother me, a hole in a shoe signifies more of an achievement to me than a flaw. At some point, however, I may need to layer the holes with shoe goo to increase the shoes overall longevity.

This quality Vegan shoe has brought comfort and joy to all my experiences and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a casual and simple design, but does not want to burn a hole in their wallet. It is affordable for just about any person whether they are a student, a punk, an activist, an athlete, a jock, if they don’t care for complex designs and patterns or if they prefer not to spend hours researching whether the shoe they are interested in contains animal products or not. To me it is certainly clear that the “Vegan Old Skool” will continue to be a part of my collection for many years to come and I hope that my experience will appeal to some ones interest.



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