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The Top 10 Books for Vegans are...
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The Top 10 Books for Vegans are...

So remember the last post where we asked you to submit and vote for your favorite vegan books in the comments section of that post? Well, a lot of you responded (thank you!) there and on the Facebook page. It got a little hard to keep track of and rank it all, and then we had an idea...

Why not build a fun little tool where people could easily submit and vote for their favorite vegan books? So that's what we did. And the result is totally addictive and fun! Check it out! 

Top 10 Books for Vegans 

We're really looking forward to seeing YOUR list. 

Also, let us know what you think of the service (you can also create other lists, like "Top 10 Books for Vegetarians", or "Top 10 Books for Animal Lovers", or "Top 10 Books for Mountain Bikers", or...well, you get the idea! 

NOTE: The service is very new (like less than a day old) so you may run into a bug or two. If that happens, feel free to let us know! 


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