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The Supportive Man..and The Newly Converted...
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The Supportive Man..and The Newly Converted...

So since my father moved in my house last year, my husband and I have dedicated "Date Nights" at least once a week, so we can spend our time with each other and reflect on the week and get the heck away from these kids for a little while.  See I have ALL BOYS and they are quite active.  There truly never is a dull moment in this household...

Either way, tonight we are going house shopping (Our house has been on the market 2 months) and last night we were trying to figure out where we were going to go....let me just say that even though my hunk doesn't want to follow suit with me, he really is supportive of my decision to be vegetarian, but the fact that he has accepted the fact that I'm eventually going to be VEGAN is truly amazing!!!  I really thought when I told him I wanted to convert to vegan after only really being vegetarian for a month give or take, that he'd roll his eyes like he normally does when I come up with a plan, and not fully understand WHY I want to do this.  

So it was so cute.  I told him, I needed to have him go to the store with me so I could grab what I needed for my Vegan conversion, so he took me out and stood by my side lingering around while I was looking at all the stuff, reading labels, the meantime, I see (The Man Shopping Face) you know where they are looking around, to the ceiling, switching leverage on their feet every .15 seconds, checking the phone for FB updates....that look where they'd rather be drinking beer and watching a tooth extraction vs. being in the organic section of wegman' I decided to entertain this and have him shop for the veggies I needed.  I said "Would you like me to Free you from this horrid organic isle?"  (He shrugged his shoulders) and I finished with, "Can you just go get me the Veggies I need then?"  So he did....It was cute!  

When we got home, we sat in our sitting room looking at houses while I was reading "The complete Idiot's Guide to Being Vegetarian", (I know that made no sense, but in our price range there is only the same 4 houses that keep coming up, so it's more like HE was looking at houses, and I was reading "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Vegetarian".  LOL!  Sorry, just had to clarify that! :-)  LOL!)  So then the hunk asks me where I want to eat, and I told him-"Just go where you want to go, as I can always find something to eat anywhere."  We have this great place we like to go.  It's all local craft beer, the selection is amazing and I know they served food, but never sure exactly what kind...Hunk says to me "Well, I think they have some vegetarian options there, or are you doing the vegan thing now?  I'm not sure where you are yet."  I just chuckled and said, "No, I'm not Vegan yet~but I figure I will be by summer's end."  He goes online to see what they have on the menu and get this~THEY HAVE VEGAN LASAGNE!!!!  (and a bunch of other options that are vegetarian!)  Not am I only so PROUD of my Hunk for being concious of looking at menu items for my liking, but he was actually happy for me that there were items on the menu for the new life that I've chosen!  So many Kudos to him!!  What a great man I have!!

Remember yesterday I had mentioned that one of my children has not eaten meat for a day and 1/2 since watching that video?  Well, we talked last night soon after writing my blog.  I sat him down and said, "Are you eating meat, or not?"  He said "No mom, I really don't want to eat any meat after watching that video.  I can't believe that people kill baby chicks and cows."  So I told him that I accept his decision and that I will guide him to live vegetarian.  I will teach him as I'm learning, and we will grow and learn together!  He was happy to make the change and kept asking me for macaroni and cheese for dinner yesterday!  LOL!!  I think I can easily convert him to vegan without him even knowing.  LOL!  Though, he's a momma's boy and would do it even if I asked him to.  Win Win for me!  LOL!!

Thank You for reading!  Until Next Time.  xxoo. 

p.s. This picture represents my hunk, and my newly converted vegetarian, "B" just so you can get to know us better!  :-)

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