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The Shocking Truth Behind My Vegan Choice
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The Shocking Truth Behind My Vegan Choice

A long time ago, I met a young man.  I was looking for an apartment and this just-left-mom's-home-gonna-live-with-dad-now 20-year-old was the one who seemed the most open-minded and interesting of those I met.  And the apartment was a tiny, old type of place that was meant as a temporary home for travellers of the waters who needed a place to stay that was affordable, but that was for a few months at a time as they were also businessmen looking for goods to bring back home.  It was adorable and I wanted to live there.

So I moved in.  He was particularly  happy about the fact that the only furniture missing, out of all I had, was the living room.  I had a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room, as well as the PC with computer desk.  He was relieved and I was glad to be with one studying psychology since this was a shared passion.

I did not know anything about vegetarianism or, even less, veganism yet, and was still just touting the ground on better meat selections - meaning more natural options that are less health-damaging.  His father, a devout vegan and left-wing politically-minded journalist for a local radio station, came by once in a while and talked about food choices.  He was the first ever to sit me down and clearly make me understand why cow's milk is bad.  I had already greatly reduced my milk consumption on my own just because I was not tempted by it as much anymore, but cheese and yoghurt were still high on my list at the time.  And Loic, the son, was not yet a vegetarian but on his way to becoming one.

I brewed the father's thoughts for a while and chose to slowly reduce my meat consumption to eventually take the steps to becoming vegan.  As some of you know, my mother, to this day, does not accept my diet choices - much less my left-wing political and radical mind - and will at times try to pour some sort of meat broth in my food (if I am visiting her) and deny doing it, even though it's obvious my food is no longer vegan.  She claims my 'feeling better' physically and having a clearer mind are psychological and she can cure me of it if I just ate enough non-vegan products.  I have not been to my mother's for dinner in a long time; in fact, I almost consider myself not her child anymore and a lost soul who was born in the wrong family.

But, even though this is a problem, what makes me wonder about people is when I tell them that Loic used to sneak something else that makes me angry in my food: drugs.  He would add natural drugs only, but still - the stuff he put in my food would make me feel dizzy, get my heart knocking so hard against my ribcage it feels like I am about to have a heart attack, or make my skin feel numb.  And I hate it.  I detest drugs and how they feel, but he thought he could get me hooked.  And failed.

When I tell people about this, they strongly believe that my psyche chose to become vegan because I was drugged and they actually think that they can bring me back to an omnivore diet by drugging me yet again.  As unethical and illegal as this sounds, I can vouch for how they put marijuana and coca leaves in my coffee and serve me food that isn't vegan, hoping I will get addicted to eat and just 'feel good' after eating my meal.  I never feel good after this sort of food and always tell them, but no matter how often I let them know, they don't stop.  So I stopped seeing these people.

Unfortunately, others start believing the same thing and start trying again.  I am starting to wonder if I am an illegal- and evil-doer magnet and why in the name of God they keep trying to do this to me.  Maybe they're just bored and have nothing else to do?

I am still a vegan, and still very strongly against drugs.  And no, I did not become a vegan because of drugs.

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  1. kristo
    voted! I can't believe this happened to you!!
    1. Veganara
      Voted. I can't believe it either, shocking! A very gripping blog. Well done for staying vegan, after everything you have had to go through! I don't always find it easy to be vegan, but at least I haven't had people spiking my food with drugs, etc (as far as I know, anyway!) Take no notice of those detractors who say you only went vegan due to the drugs; they are just trying to use that as an argument to justify their consumption of meat and dairy. I get so sick of all the omnivore arguments, but I just try to rise above them now. I still get exasperated though, like the other day with my mother (at least she doesn't try to sneak meat broth into my food, not as far as I know), but she is always saying: " I never know what to give you to eat when you come round, it's really hard." Like I only eat something rare and exotic and expensive, like truffles from the South of France, etc! She votes on my recipes here on TFV quite often, so she is familiar with this website, and yet she still has NO idea what to give me for a meal??? Honest to God, it sometimes does make you despair of ever trying to change the world, doesn't it?!
      1. Anita Vegana
        I was taught to leave those that are obviously almost 100% certain that they will change and work on those that have potential. I have a client who is trying to become vegetarian and I want to guide him just because he wants to take that step. Otherwise, I don't bother anymore. I want to be able to say that I don't let those that drug me get to me, but when it is with something illegal and that oversteps such a delicate and fobidden boundary - not to mention how it makes me feel horrible and damages my health - I can't just let it go. I want to take steps to make those that do this pay for it. It's just wrong and it has to stop. So far, I haven't had any luck because the police actually laughs at me when I tell them my food was spiked, even without explaining that it has to do with veganism. Hard to believe that the legal system is this way... sad to know that those that have the responsibility to protect you from this don't do their jobs...
        1. Veganara
          I know, it is firightening. Just the same here in the UK, an awful lot of police corruption. I suppose you just have to count yourself lucky you never came to any long-term harm with the drugs, that they didn't cause you health problems, that you were not drugged and raped, etc. It's still terrible that it happened to you though. The worst I have had happen to me was people spiking my drinks a couple of times to make them really strongly alcoholic, and obviously that is wrong too. Yes, you are right, it is best to leave the people who are too resistant to change, and focus on the ones instead who have potential and are more open-minded.
    2. Anita Vegana
      It started with a man who may not have had bad intentions - I am giving him the benefit of the doubt - crossed a line with his 'social psychology testing' that he was doing on me at times. I allowed him to try things once in a while, but drugs were definitely NOT something I accepted. When I said yes, I meant in all legal manners possible, and giving someone drugs - whether legal or not - without them knowing about it is just plain wrong. Anyhow, I won't tell anyone else and am hoping this will stop. People still to this day end up hearing about it, and I don't know how this can happen - perhaps social media groups like facebook?? I end up getting drugged at unexpected locations like Second Cup with the coffee barrister giving me a huge, almost fake smile, saying: "this is the BEST, oh but the very BESTEST coffee in the world!" sure, I like Second Cup, but not THAT much...


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