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Federally Funded Native Species Slaughter: Did You Know?
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Federally Funded Native Species Slaughter: Did You Know?

The ‘Wildlife Services’ arm of the US Agriculture Department killed over 2 million native creatures in 2013, according to new data.  Despite reform group pressure, this figure represents a 29% increase in the slaughter on figures released for 2012.  Among the species deemed to be pests are eagles, foxes, bears, coyotes, wolves and mountain lions.

Many Americans are totally unaware of the federal killing program despite the fact that it is bankrolled almost entirely by the taxpayer.  There has been an investigation by the Agriculture Department’s inspector general, and calls for a stop to the slaughter from Congress and other organisations; thus far to no effect.

Apparently many of the animals targeted were killed at the request of livestock grazers or farmers whilst others were killed ‘accidentally’.  A comprehensive petition has been presented to the Agriculture Department by the Center for Biological Diversity and its allies requesting new reform rules, and demanding that the program be made more transparent and accountable.  Campaigners want to see a dramatic reduction in the quantity of native and non-target animals killed during the program.  Although the agriculture secretary, Tom Vilscak did respond to the petition, no positive action has yet been taken to address the campaigners’ concerns.

The Center for Biological Diversity is a well-recognised and respected national conservation organisation.  Its 800,000 members and online activists will continue to dedicate their time to working towards greater protection of wild places and endangered species.  You can read more about their activities and find out how your support could help at their website.

In conclusion

It seems truly abhorrent that a government department with responsibility for the control of native wild creatures appears to have a licence to kill at random and at will without accountability, purely to protect the financial interests of powerful farmers and agriculturalists. 

As the overpopulated world’s human burden continues to spread unchecked, more and more food is demanded.  One day, there will be no space left for the wild species, and the earth’s green spaces will be nothing more than a huge food production line - unless we do something about it soon.



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