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The Road Trip as a Vegan
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The Road Trip as a Vegan

The iconic image of Grand Teton and the national park that surrounds the dynamic mountain range inspires artists, challenges hikers, and drives droves of tourists annually. For most tourists, refueling before, during, and after a day of outdoor activities is simple.

However vegan travelers must be much more prepared planning meals with many carrying emergency food in case vegan-friendly meals are hard to come by when traveling. Grand Teton National Park and its neighbor to the north Yellowstone National Park are bear country, and harboring animal-attracting food in a vehicle is frowned upon in an area abundant with animals looking for an easy meal.

Fortunately, both national parks supply options for the vegan traveler. Whether it is just outside the parks or inside as mountains bloom with life and geysers explode, the vegan can feel like every other tourist taking in the sights rather than scrambling to find a morsel of food to satisfy a grumbling stomach.

Starting just south of Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Wyoming offers the tourist a friendly atmosphere of walking from shop to shop. Also downtown is the restaurant the Lotus Café. Along with organic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, the restaurant also grants options, not just one meal, an entire menu of meals of vegan breakfast bowls and sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and salads, and dinner starters and entrees. Meals for kids—check. Gluten free options—check. Baked pastries to go—check. Even non-vegans can select a meal specific to their specific dairy, meat, and egg wants.

On the northern edge of Grand Teton National Park, there is another gem for vegans hungry after a long day of taking in nature's beauty. The Headwaters Lodge and Cabins at Flagg Ranch is the ideal dining experience with a crackling fire creating a rustic but refined ambiance. Again, there are several options for vegans to choose from for a satisfying meal. Remember to try the quinoa salad it is a light but filling selection that displays just how profound the Incan grain can taste.

Heading into Yellowstone National Park, the environmental-conscious handling of waste is proudly boasted at every diner located at almost every big stop in the park. Also at these 1950's feeling diners are some options for those looking for food free of meat, eggs, and dairy. There may need to be some tweaks to the menu when ordering, but vegans are skilled in the art of selecting a meal that nourishes the body and mind. If there are any questions, the actual recipe is available on request.

A trip can be an adventure. Vegans prefer to not have their dining options to be that hair-raising adventure. Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park satisfy the needs of all travelers garnering a memorable trip and not a vacation remembered because of the endless hunt for food.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    Great post! It's good to know that there are options for us at that location! And for sure, I wouldn't want bears sniffing at me and pawing away at me to get my food. He may not have bad intentions, but those paws are just too big to try to deal with1 Voted! If you have a chance, check out my latest post, Easy Steps for Home Made Facial Masks, and vote if you like it!
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    Virtually Homemade
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