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The Part-time Vegan
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The Part-time Vegan

Committing to a full time vegan diet (no meat, fish, eggs or dairy),  to many seems an impossible challenge. But more and more, people are beginning to dabble with vegan diets. Why?

The idea of going vegan seems to have become somewhat of a trend. And while it may be lumped in with the whole green revolution, a vegan diet has more than just environmental benefits. Vegan diets have obvious health benefits that many are just now beginning to recognize. For others, a vegan diet can be more about social, economic or religious aspects. But regardless of drive, a vegan diet can often still be an intimidating idea to a carnivore.

Part-time vegan diets are introducing more and more people to the idea and lifestyle of a vegan without having to fully commit. And though part-time vegans aren’t necessarily about cutting meat out one hundred per cent of the time, there are some ways to eat vegan that don’t mean changing your lifestyle entirely.

Veganuary was a movement in the month of January that challenged people to go vegan for just the first month of the year. And while a full month as a strict vegan may be daunting many looked at it as more of a New Year’s resolution, a long cleanse or simply a way to redeem themselves after too many Christmastime indulgences. Regardless of motivation, the movement saw upwards of 3,000 people participating in it, a rise of about 40% from the previous year. And if nothing else, this at the very least raises some awareness of vegan diets.

Along with 30-day challenges are other ideas such as the VB6 challenge, which advocates eating vegan before 6 p.m. Made popular by food journalist Mark Bittman, he began to follow the VB6 diet after being told by a physician that he needed to start eating better immediately. The diet he created made sure he was eating healthier from breakfast to dinnertime, but was essentially free to eat as he liked after. This diet is appealing to many as only half a day as a strict vegan may be more manageable, thus helping to keep people on track or even easing them into the diet.

And others still may adopt some aspects of a vegan diet but not adhere to all parts, using it as more of a guideline than a lifestyle. This gives them a peek into the diet without having to make any drastic changes overnight. Especially because a vegan diet is simply about the food, whereas a vegan lifestyle changes more than just one’s dietary habits.

Whatever the drive behind the idea of becoming a vegan, more and more people are now at least dabbling in the diet. And all this attention has thrown the vegan diet just a little bit into the limelight and just enough to get rid of some of the stigma that has so often followed it like a black cloud. But in the end, whatever your reasons, a vegan diet is simply a healthy way of life.

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  1. wally247
    This is me right now. I stopped eating meat because I learned how unhealthy it was and how it really has no impact on weight loss or any type of healthy eating. Then I started learning what happens to the animals humans eat and I was done for good. As of now I have a small amount of weekly cheese (on pizza) and I have fish maybe a few times a month. I know that soon I will be full-vegan, but am holding onto that little bit of fish and cheese for just a while longer...i'll get there though. Great write up!
  2. ccast3
    Everyone goes vegan for different reasons. Comment on my post and let me know why you went vegan!


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