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The Movie That Made Me Reconsider Meat
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The Movie That Made Me Reconsider Meat

I am not a horror movie lover. I’m not a big fan of gore or anything like that. I am not even sure why I watched the movie I am going to talk about, but I did and it had an effect on me. In fact, I can still replay parts of the movie in my head (because I am thinking about it as I write this). I watched the movie in high school with a bunch of friends, and like I said; I don’t know why.

The movie was called Faces of Death and it showed various real deaths. I won’t go into all the manner that they showed, but one of the scenes involved a slaughterhouse. I literally did not sleep for awhile after I watched that movie. Additionally, at that moment I became a vegetarian. I just stopped eating meat. I didn’t eat meat for one year. I answered the questions of the relatives at Thanksgiving, “But what are you going to eat?” I just replied, “Everything but the turkey.”

This continued for a year and then I developed a craving for a burger. It was something that just wouldn’t go away. So I ate a burger. If anyone else has not eaten meat for awhile then you know what happened after I ate the burger. I was sick for three days. Apparently, my body wasn’t quite sure what to do with the burger, so it tried a few things (that didn’t work). So, I gave up on the burger and said it just wasn’t worth it.

Some time later, the craving came back. I have discovered through trial and error that my body works best with a higher protein/lower carb ratio. When I did not eat meat I had a higher carb ratio. I tried a few things with tofu and tried some of the things my sister made with tofu (some good and some not the best) but the craving for a burger didn’t go away. I tried to ignore it, because I remembered what happened last time, but it wouldn’t go away. So I started eating meat again (a very small amount to begin with) and I never had the problem that I had previously.

I have a conundrum though. I still remember that movie. I am still disturbed by that movie.

When I wasn’t eating meat, I started with no red meat and then quickly added chicken and turkey to the mix of what I gave up. Then I thought about the fish and stopped eating that too. Then I focused on the eggs and milk I still consumed, and it gave me a headache to think about it. I just started to worry about everything. I looked into becoming a vegan.

I tried various TVP products at the store and found some that I liked and some that were not very good. It would be nice if there was a way to buy less of some things so that you can try them out first. I found some “facon” that I liked and a good TVP burger so that worked.

I paid attention to my body when I ate more carbs, and when I ate less and I found it just runs better on less.

So now I question my thoughts on meat and do not come up with any good response. My sister has been a vegetarian for quite awhile and she does not care to eat meat ever again. She, too, has thought of becoming a vegan.

I guess my issue is that I’m just not sure what to do...

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  1. VeganRaidersFan
    I am a strict vegan (as this is what works for me), but not a vegan-nazi. If you're going to cave in and have an occasional burger then so be it. At least most of the time it sounds like you're not eating meat. Don't beat yourself up too much. Think of how much better your lifestyle is for the environment and your body than the average Joe. A burger a few times a year may be the right thing for you. As it turns out diary, eggs, and the eating of chicken and pork are the most cruel. Beef is the best thing if you have to cave in. You are only human. Bless you for trying.
    1. Catherine M
      Catherine M
      So, what would you say would be a typical day of eating for you? By strict vegan do you mean that you do not use any animal products at all?
  2. nora
    I was a vegetarian before going completely vegan. I did a lot of research and experimenting in the kitchen so that I have a huge list of meals to go to without having the cravings. I recommend the Gentle Chef and Non-Dairy Formulary cookbooks by Skye-Michael Conroy. He has some fantastic recipes for meat analogs, global dishes and easy-to-make vegan cheeses which are out of this planet.
    1. Catherine M
      Catherine M
      Thank you I will look into these books.
  3. Vin Chauhun
    Vin Chauhun
    Just go with your instincts--and perhaps some research--and don't be too hard on yourself, you are already do your bit for the environment, etc than the average meat eater is doing. voted :)
    1. Catherine M
      Catherine M
      I saw your article about almost eating meat....I am guessing it would not have been pretty if you would have at that burger. Thanks for the kind words.
      1. Vin Chauhun
        Vin Chauhun
        Yeah, I would have hurled big chunks all over the table...LOL. The sight me vomiting wouldn't have been a pretty.


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