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The Mouthwatering Greek Yogurt, Chocolate, Walnut, and Blueberry Parfait
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The Mouthwatering Greek Yogurt, Chocolate, Walnut, and Blueberry Parfait

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Many desserts like ice creams, sweets and cookies do have a reputation of being high in calories. Some of us have the habit of fearing desserts because they usually have higher calories. But you can put your fears to rest, because here is a dessert that you will enjoy with all its health benefits and low calories. This parfait is made of blueberries, dark chocolate, greek yogurt, and walnuts. Each of the ingredients has so many health benefits and each is delectable to eat.

Blueberries and dark chocolate are loaded with flavonoids. What exactly are flavonoids? They are powerful antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits. Flavonoids are also known for cancer prevention.

Another benefit from eating this parfait is that it is heart-healthy. Quercetins are flavonoids found in blueberries and catechins are flavonoids found in dark chocolate, and they work together and prevent blood clotting. The other ingredient, walnuts - the king of nuts - is packed with all good things for your brain and body. Greek yogurt, the last ingredient, has probiotics that keep your stomach healthy. What more could you want in a dessert?


  • 1 ½ cups fresh blueberries
  • 2 cups nonfat Greek vegan yogurt 
  • 2 ½ teaspoons mini dark chocolate chips
  • ½ cup oats granola
  • A few pieces chopped walnuts 


  •  Clean four parfait glasses and have them ready.
  •  Add one spoonful of blueberries into each one of the glasses. In case you get frozen blueberries make sure you thaw them before  use.
  •  Add one spoonful of greek yogurt to all the glasses.
  •  Add 1 teaspoon of chocolate chips followed by 1 tablespoon of oats granola.
  •  Sprinkle a few walnuts on top.
  •  Repeat the entire procedure again to form another layer.
  •  The dessert is ready to be served!

Serve this heart-healthy dish to your guests after dinner, or have it for breakfast. They are sure to be delighted that you care for their health with all your heart. If some of them still fear this dessert, be ready to tell them about the huge health benefits and low calories to diminish their fears.

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    Awesome post, Rajesh! We pinned this to our Vegan Desserts board on Pinterest.
  2. Rajesh Padmanabhan
    Rajesh Padmanabhan
    Thank you very much for this comment and for posting on Pinterest.


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