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12 Supremely Awesome Vegan Web Pages {The Flaming Vegan Aside}
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12 Supremely Awesome Vegan Web Pages {The Flaming Vegan Aside}

This isn't going be a wordy post. It's a list of pages on the web that I think are very useful for vegans. Here we go!

  1. A list of beers, wines, and liquors with clear "vegan friendly" and "not vegan friendly" delineations. An indispensable, quick guide for your next party or holiday!
  2. PETA's guide to compassionate clothing manufacturers and where to find them.
  3. : Find restaurants in any American city. If there's a veg-friendly place to eat there, this page will help you find it. They have a mobile app too.
  4. Not just "veg-friendly," but a real vegan company that makes affordable cosmetics. PETA certified.
  5. Attractive vegan shoes for men and women.
  6. Find vegan businesses and read business-related articles for vegan business owners.
  7. : For vegan brides and grooms
  8. : Vegan gowns. Gorgeous!
  9. Practical advice on all things vegan from this great UK site. The Vegan Society was created in 1944!
  10. : Where you send your co-worker when he makes a snide comment about vegan men being "effeminate."
  11. For veg students looking for a college!
  12. Looking for a vegan summer camp? This is a great article!
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