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The Link Between Veganism and Climate Change
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The Link Between Veganism and Climate Change

We regularly hear about how we need to focus on fixing climate change but at a recent march for this cause, the focus was on going vegan - and rightly so! These marches were held all over the world in anticipation for the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Paris that is currently being held and will continue until the 11 December 2015.  

What’s the Link Between Climate Change and Veganism? Did you know that becoming vegan can ease climate change in a big way? Here's why:

  • A report by the Worldwatch Institute has found that 51 percent and more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are a result of animal agriculture. Raising animals for slaughter releases gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, and these gases are huge contributors to global warming.
  • Going vegan lowers your carbon footprint. You'll save animal lives, thousands of gallons of water and up to 30 square feet of forest land that usually gets destroyed for the meat industry. When such land is used to feed animals that will later be slaughtered, this destroys not only life-giving trees but also wildlife that lives there. This makes the meat industry responsible for the extinction of some species. Imagine if everyone went vegan - we'd be able to save so many species! 
  • If you follow a meat-free diet for just one year, you will prevent up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Go on, give yourself a pat on the back for that one.  
  • Switching to eating meat alternatives will help to decrease the water crisis while also being good for communities. This is because meat alternatives require more labour. Eliminating the livestock industry wouldn’t need to result in people being without jobs, though - they could retrain in the meat-alternative field. This shows that there doesn't have to be a price to pay in the workforce for going vegan and saving the earth. When the earth is looked after, man is too.  
  • When nets are cast in the ocean to trap fish for human consumption, such as tuna, this also accidentally catches other marine animals, harming or killing them. It’s scary to think that for 1kg of fish that is caught on purpose, up to 5kgs of fish are caught accidentally. That's a lot of unnecessary death all round. 

See how you can make a positive change? Following a vegan lifestyle not only benefits you but also the oceans, the forests, our resources and animals.



*Image courtesy  gustavofrazao / Dollar Photo Club


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