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Encouraging News About the Rise of Student Gardens
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Encouraging News About the Rise of Student Gardens

Growing your own plants can be a rich and rewarding experience at all ages. The hobby helps people to get in touch with nature and even acts as the ideal anti-stress activity. Unfortunately for younger gardeners, it can be hard to find the space and time to indulge in this eco-friendly hobby. However, in an encouraging revelation, more and more students are taking up gardening and discovering innovative new ways to grow their own herbs and other plants, even while living in confined university accommodation.

One option for budding young gardeners is the Vertical Veg project, founded in 2010 by Mark Ridsdill Smith, with the aim being to help people living in cities or homes without gardens to grow their own plants. This initiative teaches people the best ways to grow their own food in containers via on online blog, regularly updated by Smith, and workshops all across the nation. The first step is to identify a spot in your abode that can be used as a growing space, ideally somewhere near a window that will be exposed to several hours of sunlight. Measuring how much sunlight you get per day can then help you decide what to grow. If you’re lucky enough to have over six hours of sunlight, then you can even grow tomatoes.

Another method for students in need of gardening space is to get an allotment. The ideal place to start your search for a plot of land is via the website of the National Allotment Society. You can also have a look at noticeboards in your area, as owners of allotments will often ask for some help with the upkeep in exchange for a bit of the produce. This allows you to enjoy some gardening work and even taste some of the food you help to grow; it’s ideal for students with limited budgets and hectic schedules.

It’s also worth asking around at your university to see if there are any gardening groups or initiatives going on. The student unions of various universities around the UK have recently started proposing new gardening schemes and activities that anyone can be a part of. These sorts of projects rely on student participation and are often run entirely by young, aspiring gardeners, so it’s a great way to get to know people with common interests and enjoy some outdoor fun as part of a group.

Growing your own food can be a great way to save money, get some regular exercise, make new friends, and develop your knowledge of the natural world. In the future, many young people will have gardens of their own and will be thankful for the knowledge they have gained by taking part in initiatives like those mentioned above. The growing number of student gardeners is an encouraging sign for the future of the hobby, and the exciting new methods they are using will surely help more and more people enjoy the pleasures of growing their own plants in the years to come.

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  1. Christine Gianas Weinheimer
    Christine Gianas Weinheimer
    Very interesting! This is promising news. Growing a garden is something many of us take for granted, but things can be tricky depending on where you live.


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