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The Good News: 10 Vegan Articles You Don't Want to Miss!
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The Good News: 10 Vegan Articles You Don't Want to Miss!

I'm selfish. Part of the reason I'd hate to see climate change or some other catastrophe take us all down, is that things are really just getting good around here.

I mean, forget all of the bad news. It's there. We know it. And it's hugely relevant. But sometimes, we've just really got to look around and relish in the awesomeness that's going mainstream these days. In epic, pervasive, countless ways, our species is really starting to get with the program and realize that sure, everything's connected. Of course it is. Our population's grown so big that this world seems to shrink smaller and smaller every day and you know what? I think we're feeling it.

Evolving consciousness? Health? Veganism? Sure, they're beautiful ideas. They're also scientifically sound. Just as poets are starting to embrace the elegance science has to offer, so we seem to be (dare I say?) growing up a little as a species. From marriage equality, to increasing power for women, to the spread of meditation, and the fact that veganism is really "blowing up," in the mainstream, the human story seems to get more interesting every minute. 2014 seems slated to be the year of the vegan. From The Guardian proclaiming veganism more or less, you know, normal, to Beyonce and Jay Z's foray into a plant-based diet, to the link between veganism and reduced Arthritis symptoms, and vegan superstar athletes, here are ten articles you don't want to miss. 

  1. The Guardian has officially decided that we can all relax, declaring that it's no longer weird to be a vegan
  2. U.S. News + World Report recently drafting a startling piece on the surprise appeal of vegan baking.
  3. According to CNN? Vegan chefs are going to be hot in 2014.
  4. Astonishingly, a couple in their sixties has made headlines for running their 366th consecutive marathon on a raw vegan diet.
  5. Jay Z + Beyonce went vegan. And then they went to a seafood restaurant. This Huffpost blogger? Isn't having it. Here's her open letter to Beyonce + Jay Z.
  6. This is the perfect meatless guide to navigate fast food restaurants like Taco Bell and Chipotle, thanks to The Miami New Times. Fantastic.
  7. It's official. Scientists have developed a nut and grain-based yogurt complete with live probiotics
  8. Tasteless and offensive vegan cheese is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Here's the perfect list of ten vegan cheeses that will knock your socks off
  9. Whoot! The Chicago Sun Times has come out and said that the vegan diet has benefits for arthritis sufferers.
  10. A fantastic article from Mother Nature Network about 9 superstar athletes who don't eat meat.

Cheers to good news!


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  1. Andrew Knighton
    Andrew Knighton
    I'm with you on feeling like the world is getting to be a better place. Things like changes in people's eating take time, but they are going on, and we should look round and appreciate the awesome. Here's to seeing Gordon Ramsay try to curse his way through a relaxed, vegan kitchen!


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