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The Eco Friendly Proposal
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The Eco Friendly Proposal

We've all seen Blood Diamond. We are aware of conflict diamonds and the effects that mining has on our eco system. But, let's face it... most of us want to have a diamond and a fairy tale wedding to go along with it. So how do we make it happen?

The Diamond

There are many alternatives to an engagement/wedding ring.

I personally love Brilliant Earth. The company is eco friendly, adheres to a strict ethical code and offers the option of building your own ring. Not only that, there is also a lovely selection of recycled gold/platinum jewelry as well as casual wear. Brilliant Earth also donates 5% of their profits to further education and development in several causes, such as land restoration and responsible mining.

Ziamond, also a wonderful choice, offers cubic zirconia as staple in their jewelry. Cubic zirconia has grown in popularity due to it's low cost, durability and similarity to the diamond. However, it is man made and eco friendly. I particularyly love Ziamond because it offers celebrity inspired jewelry, as well as a couture collection for formal events.

Finally, there's the Moissanite Diamond. This diamond was originally found in meteorite fragments and has now evolved into fine jewelry. It is said that the Moissanite Diamond even surpasses real diamonds when it comes to brilliance. How's that for shiny?

These three shops are my personal choice. However, I know there are many shops on Etsy that offer similar services. And let's not forget that recycling is a great way to be eco friendly. If you're not getting a ring that's been passed down, I strongly urge you to begin the tradition.

Now, do you think it's possible to have a vegan wedding? Because I do and I will get back to you on how I would make the big day happen soon...



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  1. Veganara
    Voted. Good info here, it is nice to know there are some alternatives to the blood diamonds. You might be interested in my latest blog, My Favourite Herby Quinoa Recipe. Check it out if you get a chance and please vote if you like it. :-)
  2. Kelita kellman
    Interesting post!
  3. No Name
    This is very interesting. I was born in April and guess I am suppose to be a diamond person this one is very good to know about the blood diamonds and where to buy them. I have voted earlier on this and did not have time to tell you how much I enjoyed this. Now I have a few minutes I would like to leave you a comment.
  4. sjcuevas
    I'm sorry if it seems like I'm just advertising, it's not my intention. I know it doesn't exactly fit a category but vegans tend to be concerned with the planet as whole, not just as as a food or clothing source. If you found this to be helpful then I'm glad I was able to share this with you....
  5. Scott Desmond
    This is very interesting to know about the blood diamond and also that people will recycle material to make the rings. Thank you for sharing - voted
  6. Julie Davis
    Informative and interesting information about the blood diamond. I have learned somethings about blood diamonds I did not know before. Enjoyed reading this blog.
  7. BuddhasDelight
    cool post! i have wondered/thought about this issue too. thanks for info! voted.


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