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The Diary of a Fabulous and Healthy Vegan Traveler
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The Diary of a Fabulous and Healthy Vegan Traveler

I love travelling. If not for travelling, I wouldn’t be able to learn about new things, people and diverse cultures. Through the years of travelling, I had enriched my respect for people’s principles and beliefs. My confidence also increased because I had developed a whole new level of understanding for my own beliefs. Being vegan was probably one of the strongest decisions I had made. I know it’s the best thing that ever happened to me and embracing it for so long makes me feel complete. My family and friends totally support my being vegan and they love how healthy I have been compared before.

Recently, I have been writing journals about health, culture and travelling. I know that it’s best to give tips for vegans who love travelling.

Here are a few but effective tips worth reading. I hope that you will follow it religiously. Health should always be a priority no matter what. Taking care of your body is a way of showing that you love what you do.

1. Always drink water.

Travelling is so fun, but before experiencing the perks that go with it, you should take care of your body first. In order to enjoy what you’re doing, know that there are things to remember first.

Usually, travelling requires a great stamina for walking. Always be hydrated by water. Do not settle on carbonated drinks. Too much sugar on your body will make you dehydrated. Always bring with you a water bottle so you could drink anytime you want.

2. Don’t give people a hard time.

When entering a supermarket, coffee shop or restaurant, do not demand people to give you vegan food. Ask them politely if they can customize your food into something that’s almost vegan. Asking to remove dairy products on your food maybe a bit complex for some, but trying to ask in the most polite manner won’t do you harm.

3. Know the local lingo.

Communication will always be the key. Learning the language, culture of any place will always be the most exciting part of travelling. In order for you to communicate with the people in the places where you travel, it’s best to know first their local lingo.

4. Pack your own food.

Never learn this the hard way. There will always be a time when you really need a bite. Bringing healthy and vegan sandwiches can be very good for you. It won’t be heavy, and it can help you while you are travelling.

Moreover, buying snacks can be very costly. Instead of spending too much on food, bring food and save your money for souvenir shops.

5. Connect with other vegans.

What I love most in travelling is the fact that I get to meet new people; different races and different faces. At the end of the day, we are different, but can learn a lot from each other.

Part of my bucket list is to meet other vegans as well. So far, I’m having the time of my life getting to know them from different parts of the world.

Photo credits to Kristin.

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  1. BKB Bar
    Great read. Thank you!
    1. CamilleRada
      Thank you so much, BKB Bar! :) I totally appreciate your comment.


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