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The Clean And Green Method
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The Clean And Green Method

I never thought I would get excited about household cleaners, but I am really pleased that I have just found these great vegan products, in the photo, at my local supermarket Sainsbury's! They are eco-friendly and animal-free, i.e. not tested on animals and no animal products. In Britain we have a logo called the Leaping Bunny, with a picture of a (you've guessed it) leaping bunny, which shows that these products are guaranteed cruelty-free. I have grown used to looking out for that now. I was delighted to find these products, because I was just talking to a friend earlier that day about ethical household cleaners, and where to find them. It's not always easy, so sometimes you have to use stuff that you really don't want to use. Then I went to the shops and found these - it must be synchronicity!

I bought 2 of these cleaners; one is a general all-purpose one,the other is specifically for showers, so hopefully that will cover all my domestic needs. I like the design of the bottles; I think that is what drew my eye to them in the shop. They are really quite reasonably priced, at £2 for a large bottle, (68 oz.) which should last a long time. They are made by a company called Method, and are naturally derived from corn and coconut, and biodegradable, and no animals involved in any part of their production process. They are also safe (no corrosive chemicals which burn your hands, etc.) and the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. They also look very neat in their design and they smell heavenly, since they are fragranced with fruit and flowers – I am particularly fond of the lavender one. I notice that some of the comments on the website say that they smell so good, it makes cleaning quite pleasurable (Can that really be true??)

From what I can see from their website, they seem to be an American-based company, who also have an office and distribution centre in London. So we can get their products on both sides of the big pond, and I presume order them online as well. Check out their website for details:

So, now I have got these, I have no excuse not to get on with all my household cleaning, ....(Dammit!!!)

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. Your votesand comments are always appreciated.

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  1. lorraine
    Voted. Really useful info and I'll definitely be looking out for those in my local shops. Thanks :)
  2. Akanksha
    Great. Good to see a post which is not a food recipe :)
  3. No Name
    This is very nice. I can not buy this here in Tahiti so I normally use vinegar to clean with. I also mix vinegar with water in my sprayer to spray my yard for bugs. This is excellent and is so good for the plants. Here we have a lot of plant fleas that lay eggs on the leaves and steams of our plants. I use the vinegar and water to wash the plants to keep them healthily. My grandmother also taught me when I was young instead of using Ajax or other power to clean with use baking soda. This one is perfect. Especially if you have food burned around a glass baking disk. Use the baking soda to clean this off with and it will not scratch your dish. You might like my new post it is for Green Mango Pie. Thanks this one is very nice and hope one day they will come here for us to use them.
    1. No Name
      I am so sorry. I fogot to vote for you on this. I came back to vote here for you. If you have time please read my Green Mango Pie. I love this and so does my family here. This year we have so many mangos it is easy to make all these different dishes to use the mangos here. But at the same time they are so good just to go to the tree and take one off and eat it. Thank you
      1. Veganara
        Thank you so much all! I have just read and voted on your Mango Pie recipe Naya. Yum!! I hope you get these cleaning products in Tahiti sometime too. I have heard of people using vinegar, baking soda, etc, for cleaning: do those traditional methods work well?
        1. No Name
          oh yes they do. Especially here when we get a lot of rain I have an out door bathroom that is made out of lava rocks. In the power sprayer I add vinegar to this and clean the moss off the rocks and coral tile in my bathroom. Thank you for the vote. You should try this. I only use baking soda here to clean my kitchen sink and all the bottoms of my pots and pans. I think it work wonders on this.
  4. Marita Gold
    Marita Gold
    Voted. They sound really good, I must look out for them.
  5. kristo
    wow that is cheap! I was washing my floor with a coconut based eco soap (more like £6 for a 32 oz bottle) and although it is a great idea, it made my floor oily and I don't wash my floor anymore. Make sure you rinse your surfaces from a coconut based cleaner or you may slip!
    1. Veganara
      LOL! Thanks for the advice Kristo. Yes, cleaning can be a dangerous business, can't it? I don't want to risk life and limb , so maybe I just shouldn't do any cleaning! I will bear that in mind about rinsing well, with a coconut-based cleaner.
  6. moregreensplease
    These products sound very great. It would be a nice change to use cleaning supplies that have a nice mild scent. Guess it'
  7. moregreensplease
    It is time to get out there and look for the leaping bunny. These products sound great, it will be nice to clean and have a fresh mild scent fill the air. Vote #9
  8. SnakeWitch
    Never heard ot this company. I use natural and vegan also, just another brand. Voted!
  9. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Great to know about these cleaners. Cleaning with pleasure and assurance that it actually is cleaning without harm serves the purpose so well...Voted!
  10. Conroy
    This is very nice. I will check our stores today when I am out to see if I can find this cleaning product. Voted
  11. Granny Smith
    Granny Smith
    Thank you so much I was in the market the other day and they had this product. I was not sure but now after reading your review I will go back and buy this for me. Thank you voted
  12. Pierre
    Nice information - voted
  13. Shiela
    With respect to you and this blog I delete my other comment. I come back to give new comment to you. I thank you for your information on good product to clean the house with. This is very nice information and I know here in china I can find this one. I will look for your idea when I clean my home. Thank you very much and voted.
  14. Bernice
    very nice I will look for it here in our stores. voted
  15. No Name
    Dear Ms Veganara I would like to say how sorry I am to you for answering to your comment. I was over reacting and thought you were talking about me. Now I have caused so many problems here and so much has been said in all of this. I am so sorry for all the damage. I have learned that my sister in law asked one of her girl friends to vote for me. I had no idea she had done this one. I know my family is so worried about me after the passing of my husband and they did not mean any harm to anyone here. I think they were trying to lift my spirits and make me feel better. I wish in all of my heart that this would end now. I am so sorry to not have realized what happened. I am still trying to over come the loss of my husband and my family here is wonderful. I wish you all the best and hope that my family will now understand what they did was wrong and should not of tried to help me the way they did. I hope they will be fair to each and everyone here on this site and give credit to people when their blogs are good. I have spoken with them and explained this is not fair to others. I will encourage my sister in law to write this letter. She said she was working on it when I spoke with her last. I hope all will be taken care of and they will be more fair to each and everyone here on this site. Thank you so much for your support and I will come here often to read your blog. I enjoy your information and I do vote for you all the time. I hope that all this can be put behind us and you will still enjoy reading my blog. I do enjoy your comments. I have decided to take a few days off to allow the people here to see what has happened and correct these problems before I will post again on this site. Marururu
    1. Veganara
      Thanks Naya. No, don't feel bad, what you did was not wrong, nor was it wrong of your family and friends to try to support you as much as possible. That is completely understandable and commendable. I was annoyed with the site admin for not giving the rest of us a chance, that is all. After all, they are the ones who create the Top Posts. And it's great that now your voters have started voting and commenting on other people's blogs too, because that helps all of us out, then we all have a chance to get to the home page and get paid! I hope this hasn't scared you off, and that we will see some more of your excellent recipes soon.
      1. No Name
        thank you so much Ms Veganara I promise I will come back in a few days. I want to take a few days away and go to Moorea and see my grandchildren. I miss them so much. I do not understand all my friends guess they will not tell me who they are. But I am happy to have such a wonderful supporting family here on the islands. I am also happy this is behind us now and I will again read your comments on posts I make after a few days away. Enjoy your Sunday and the best to you and your family. Today is day of rest and time to be with family. I need to finish cooking my dinner for later on we will all meet and enjoy eating together. Each Sunday we come together as one big happy family and laugh, play music and just talk. I can not account for anyone else except my sister in law and my nephew so if they spoke to others I hope this will help you too. Thank you for your understanding and no I am not angry with anyone at all. I look forward to coming back here and giving you a new recipe. Marururu
        1. No Name
          Ms Veganra: I noticed that SnakeWitch has cleaned up the comments on her site and the other one. I did the same. I deleted all my bad comments from these two sites. I would like to ask my sister in law to have everyone who posted bad comments on your blog here to come back delete them and post very nice comments to you. I hope you do not mind if I do this one. I saw a person named John N Vegan has deleted his original comment and posted a very nice one here. Today the children are off for one week so they will have plenty of time to do this one for you. Thank you so much. I think this is out of respect to you and everyone else here. Thank you so much.
  16. Theophile
    This is very good information - voted thank you and hope to read more
  17. Terry McGee
    I voted yesterday on this came here today to clean up and say this is very nice. Like Naya said we can not find this here on the islands. So we all have taken to using other natural cleaning products such and Naya has already explained here. Thank you and voted for this yesterday.
    1. Veganara
      Thank you very much Naya and everyone! When I have time I will go back and delete my comments too, so hopefully then we can start afresh! When you get a chance, please check out my new recipe, Cherry Coconut Cookies, if you haven't already!
      1. No Name
        My nephew, sister in law and I read this moring this recipe. We all have left you a comment and voted on this one for you. My sister in law tried them I just posted our results of what she did. She has changed the recipe just a little but I am sure what she did was fine and had the same measures as yours. Thank you so much.
      2. Conroy
        Thank you I did just voted for you on this one.


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