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The Benefits of Tea Are Also Good for the Bee
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The Benefits of Tea Are Also Good for the Bee

The life cycle of our fresh food bounty is pretty much thanks to pollinators. Without honeybees and other pollinators, most fruits and vegetables would not bare any bounty. Honeybees and honey pots have been around for centuries and beekeeping has been around for at least 9,000 years. Discoveries dating back to prehistoric times have linked ancient farmers to beekeeping and the use of beeswax.

Vegans know the benefits of tea to their diet, but does tea benefit the bee? It seems so.

Here’s how tea can benefit the bee.

Healthy Honeybees

The lifespan of a Western honeybee is between 122-153 days. In order for them to do their job diligently, they need a colony, beehive, varieties of flowers to find nectar from and some stored honey to get them through the winter. Native prairies, untainted from harmful pesticides, are ideal for a healthy, happy bee.

Consequently, many crops around America are spraying with toxic pesticides that have been linked to the disorientation of bees. One of the most harmful pesticides being used today is sulfoxaflor which is a neonicotinoids.

Other than harmful pesticides, bees can also experience other types of stress. Reasons why bees can get stressed are:

New colony and hive

Early season

Late season


Lack of Food

With that said, there is no better time than now to be sure that bees are well taken care of.

Benefits of Tea

Because bees experience stress, beekeepers, bee sanctuaries and other people fascinated with bees have discovered a remedy to help give them a boost. 

Bee tea is a blend of herbs and botanicals that nourishes bees with the goal of lessening their stress and strengthening their immune system. The same with vegans and other health minded people alike. Sometimes a good cup of tea can be so soothing and packed with metabolic boosting properties.

There are several blends for particular purposes but for general strengthening of a bees immune system in order to create less stress, a trusted recipe is used from Spikenard Farms. You will need the following herbs and botanicals.

½ teaspoon of the following:

Chamomile, Yarrow, Stinging Nettle, Peppermint and Dandelions. Dandelions are optional. 

¼ teaspoon of the following:

Sage, Hyssop, Thyme, Lemon Balm and Echinacea

1 pinch of rue

Add these wondrous herbs and botanicals to 3 cups of boiled water (purest water is best). Let steep for 10-12 minutes loosely or in a tea infuser. After steeping time is over, either take infuser out or strain with a cheesecloth. Add an additional 3 cups of cool water. Lastly add in 1 cup of honey. Stirring well.

If you are a vegan who doesn’t consume honey than you can substitute the honey for your preferred vegan sweetener or syrup.

It’s important to note that bee tea is not for giving the honeybees on a regular basis. Bee tea is solely for the purpose of aiding bees when they are clearly stressed. This could be at the beginning of fall when the flowers are slowing withering and the bees need a pick me up in order to get ready for winter.

Otherwise, the bees will get dependant on the bee tea and lose their primitive and foraging instincts.

The good news is, the tea blend is also good for humans and offers the same benefits in strengthening the immune system. Tea is not just for sharing with your friends, it’s for sharing with your other little friends that buzz around!

Beware of Industrialization

Industrialization is bittersweet. It has made our lives easier in many ways but also has grown into a bit of a toxic beast. Mass production is producing so many foods and products that our lives are practically dependent on consuming them. With mass production comes lots of capital. And with capital gain in sight, many corners are cut. Especially with our food system. We are not in Kansas anymore when it comes to the food we are surrounded by.

Genetically modified foods are everywhere around us and labeling laws make it really hard to trust what’s in the package.

Moreover, genetically modified crops need certain pesticides that are harmful for the ecosystem and harmful to humans.

Lest we forget how much damaging development can be to native prairies and fields. Without wildflowers, there would be no wildflower honey.

Be mindful of what is going on in your community and help out whenever you can. Don’t leave it up to the city or developers to make it happen.

Even brewing bee tea can help in the importance of knowing bees get stressed and need a way to relax. 

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