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The Anti-Aging Power Behind Going Vegan
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The Anti-Aging Power Behind Going Vegan

Worried about the effects of aging? If so, you’re not alone. From ancient legends about the fountain of youth to the modern-day promises of “miracle” anti-aging pills, people have always sought for ways to regain their youth. The truth, of course, is that there is no miracle cure to getting older. Those looking in vain for shortcuts or cures that are too good to be true are barking up the wrong tree. Rather than trying to fight the aging process through artificial means, we should examine the way we eat on a daily basis. There are significant anti-aging advantages to a vegan diet that can help you look and feel younger. This isn't about miracle cures: it's about healthy living.

As our bodies age, they become less capable of staying hydrated. A healthy adult’s body is about 60% water by weight. An older person’s is typically more like 55%. The effects of this decrease in hydration are visible: wrinkles and drier, rougher skin. This is why we tend to look less vibrant as we age. A key to preventing such a decline, therefore, is making an extra effort to stay hydrated.

A vegan diet is a great way to prevent the aging caused by gradual dehydration. Our bodies need a lot of water, and vegan food options are relatively water-rich. For example, vegan diets encourage you to snack on fruits, rather than dry, fried potato chips. Since most of the water we consume comes from what we eat, these differences add up to much more hydration and smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

Another major contributor to the aging process is a lack of certain key vitamins and minerals, caused in large part by an unhealthy diet. Vitamin C is one such nutrient. Vitamin C fights the unhealthy effects of substances called “free radicals,” unstable molecules that damage your body in many ways. This damage is a major factor in aging. Vitamin C neutralizes the free radicals and prevents them from harming you. Another vitamin, Vitamin E, plays an important role in the body’s war against free radicals, trapping them so that Vitamin C can neutralize them.

Vegan diets are rich in Vitamins C and E, as well as other anti-aging nutrients. Many people today pay extra money to take supplements that provide them with these nutrients, because the typical modern diet doesn't include enough fruits, vegetables and nuts. A person on a vegan diet can much more easily reach the ideal level of intake for these important anti-aging substances. So a vegan can more efficiently fight off the dangerous free radicals that make us look and feel older.

Most skin companies will create products that are rich with Vitamin C and E because they're known to slow down aging. An example would be the Ageloc skin products. 

Common sense tells us that aging is unavoidable. But so many of the worst effects of growing older are caused by unhealthy eating habits. When you adopt a vegan diet, you start eating more of the nutritious, age-defying foods that too many of us in the modern world go without. Your body will thank you for making the right choice by working better and looking younger. And that’s only one of the benefits that veganism brings. Not only does going vegan give you longer youth, but a longer life as well: three to six years longer, on average, than a person who is not a vegan. You’ll have more energy, too, which will help you stay active, further compounding the health benefits. By making the change to a vegan lifestyle, you’ll be doing your part to create a cleaner environment, as well. So consider veganism if you want to achieve a younger-looking, healthier, happier you.


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