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The (Almost) Accidental Vegan
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The (Almost) Accidental Vegan

I’ve got a weird story. At least, I think it’s sort of weird.

I’ve become an accidental vegan. Sometimes. It’s sort of complicated. Not to mention, I eat eggs sometimes, so not entirely.

Let’s start off with what happened this summer. I had just graduated college in May and was working an IT job in DC, commuting from my aunt’s house in the middle-of-nowhere Virginia. My commute was a little over two hours each day and $250 a month, so I needed to find a different living situation ASAP.

Luckily for me, I had some great friends living incredibly close to my office, who let me stay with them for a month and a half while I found a better living situation. They were three guys living in a two-bedroom with a 38-year-old Puerto Rican and his girlfriend in the closet. It sounds a lot stranger than it actually was—it was a pretty great time if I’ve ever seen one.

Anyway, one of the guys was a vegetarian, as well as the Puerto Rican woman, so I guess this is how it started. I had some of the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had while staying with them, including some crazy rice and beans and a lasagna made with tofu instead of lasagna noodles.

Eventually, the Puerto Rican man brought one of his coworkers home to meet us, and she ended up dating the vegetarian guy. And wouldn’t you know it, she was looking for a roommate! Considering I had only known her for a little less than a month when we decided to get an apartment together, I feel lucky I ended up with an awesome roommate instead of some sort of serial killer.

So, we moved in together and her boyfriend (see: vegetarian from previous living situation) eventually started spending most of his time at our place. She became a “locational vegetarian,” which may not be an actual term, but pretty much she was only a vegetarian while living in DC. If she went home, she could have meat, because her mom would kill her or something if she didn’t.

Slowly, I started switching my diet as well. At first, it was just that I decided I felt bad cooking meat in front of two vegetarians, as the smell of bacon tends to linger for a while after it’s been consumed. My roommate and her boyfriend never told me they wanted me to do this, but it felt right, and I had been a vegetarian in high school, so it wasn’t too difficult of a transition. I was also on this health binge thing where I decided to try being healthy for once, and vegetarianism seemed like a good way to kick start this experiment. I too, became a “locational vegetarian,” though for me, the location was solely in my apartment. An apartmental vegetarian (or something).

You’re probably wondering where this accidental vegan thing comes into place, and here's the answer.

Surprise! I’m also lactose intolerant.

So, while following this locational vegetarian thing in my apartment, I have to avoid most dairy products due to... well, let's just call them-- unpleasant bowel reactions. There you have it. Ta da! I’m now an apartmental vegan. Accidentally. Whoops.

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  1. Doctor Mom
    Good for you.
  2. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Enjoyed your blog. Voted.
    1. Ugawa Sagara
      Ugawa Sagara
      Thanks! =)


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