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Thanks to ‘The Flaming Vegan’ – Even More Excited To Be Here Now!
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Thanks to ‘The Flaming Vegan’ – Even More Excited To Be Here Now!

It was just a few months ago when I joined this community. I was in doubt because I was not a Vegan, nor did I know what being a vegan means. I was just V-curious! I have received enormous benefits by being here, apart from the monetary ones. I believe that as human beings, it is our responsibility to watch what we eat. After all, what goes in our mouth and what goes into our brain is what we become.

I was a meat-lover few years ago and it was one fine day when I gave it up. It was the day I chose a clear conscious, an environment friendly way of living and a more economical lifestyle! This is what I got, though the reason why I gave up meat was different.

I always missed my favorite smoked chicken sandwiches and other favorite non-vegetarian dishes but stayed with my commitment because I felt it was important.

During my journey here, I got a chance to interact with people from all around the world. We all are wonderful loving people who either are or want to make a difference to our lives as well as the lives of others. What a great place to be! I have learned new recipes, opened myself up to new knowledge and different perspectives, and of course made new friends!

Today, I just tried the soy bean patties recipe by Kristo that I saw here. I made a few additions and subtractions to the recipe but the result was awesome. I was in vegan heaven. My okara pattie sandwich tasted just like smoked chicken! (with some additional fiber) I wish I had taken a picture of myself enjoying that sandwich today to share with you all.

A special thanks to Kristo for introducing home-made soy milk, okara and the okara patties to my life. They are all delicious and I am so excited about them. I will never miss my chicken eating days again!

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  1. Sumit  Bhardwaj
    Sumit Bhardwaj
    Great to hear that! Good luck :)
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks! waiting for you to share your new experiences here :)
  2. pftsusan
    #3. Thank you for sharing your success. I'm wondering, what is your real reason for giving up meat? If it is too personal, you don't have to reply.
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks Susan! It is personal but I have shared it. I have attached a link to my previous post "Why I gave up meat?"
  3. kristo
    Thanks Akanksha :) I also look at a recipe and always change it when I make it myself. haha. What did you add to the okara to make it smokey? voted!
    1. Akanksha
      I did not fry it...cooked it with a drop of oil (each) on low heat in a non stic pan. I had no coriander and forgot to add rice too. Yes, I had to handle the patties with extra care but I guess you dont need a binding agent with this style of cooking. Next time I will be adding rice or rice flour..I did add sliced tomatoes to my sandwich and used whole wheat bread. Served with peanuts :-)
  4. parneesha211
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us Akanksha!!
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks Parneesha211!
  5. Kate Noel
    Kate Noel
    Voted! I'm glad you're here and that being here has helped you on your journey. :)
    1. Akanksha
      Thank you so much Kate!
  6. Roopam
    Vote no 9!
    1. Akanksha
      Oh Thanks Roopam :-)
  7. SnakeWitch
    Although very logical, the reason why you gave up meat is not the usual one we hear about. Your way of thinking is unique and quite sharp. Even though I sometimes feel like I miss certain non-veg foods, it doesn't happen very often and maybe it's because I went the extremely slow way to becoming vegan. I never did post a full explanation and maybe I should. I definitely have enough to say to fill an entire article, just with the path I took - or, dare I say, the path the Great Spirit sent me on. Yes, I am convinced that destiny put me on that path. Too many 'coincidences' happened in my life for it to seem like it was just the luck of the draw that made me become who I am today. Anyhow, enough about me! This article is one to read and re-read for inspiration and to remind us why we are doing what we are doing.
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks SnakeWitch! I believe everyone of us here has a story to share about their journey towards vegetarianism or vegan-ism. I would surely like to know yours.
  8. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    With all the great writing you're doing, it seems like it should be *us* thanking *you*. Thank you!
    1. Akanksha
      It absolutely my pleasure! I think it just hit the right nerve..Thanks to you for creating the opportunity :)


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