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Got Plastic? How Trashing the Planet Destroys Animal Life
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Got Plastic? How Trashing the Planet Destroys Animal Life

The wonderful tales of Mother Nature are best told with the sounds of the ocean waves and the innocent sounds of birds. Little do we know that for every picture we steal from these beautiful places we leave plastic pieces of ourselves in these places; unknowingly these little pieces when accumulated give massive destruction of such beautiful places we haven’t yet discovered.

After I watched this video shared by a friend on Facebook, I was stunned. I was in shock and out of words for the minutes that followed. How can we be so oblivious? Who gave us the right to kill other innocent creatures? Shown in this film is the plight of the Laysan albatross thriving in the majestic Midway Island in the North Pacific and how little pieces like plastic caps and other non-biodegradable materials slowly kills these noble congregation of Laysan albatross.


It is sad to know that amidst the beauty of the Midway Island is the silent slaughter of trusting creatures whose sin is to mistake plastic caps and lighters as food. Midway Island has become a graveyard of inhumanity and the murder of the new generation of Laysan albatross. The pictures are pieces of evidence of how careless we human beings can be.

Yet, it is not too late. This film aims not to demean humanity as it ignores the plea of the Laysan albatross but it is a message from the surviving spirit of these creatures that we humans start to care for the environment. This marine debris is flushed from the Great Pacific garbage patch and birds swallow colorful plastic confusing them with fish.

How Littering Kills

This film is dedicated to save the Laysan Albatross from this silent slaughter. The images captured in this film will definitely touch the cord of humanity in every human heart and aims to inspire to do more than sympathize on the plight of the Laysan albatross. If only human beings can translate the incessant chirping of the Laysan albatross, he’ll be able to decipher a message informing our race to be conscious of the things we leave behind and to ultimately avoid the sin of littering.

What We Can Do

This film ultimately aims to bring awareness. Let’s support it and spread awareness to the fact that littering kills; so that woes of Mother Nature will be dispelled by stories of how human can change and save the environment for the better.

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. Shocking :-((( A powerful blog. It seems to have more than one title though, strangely; "Tell Me Where To Hide My Face" in the list of new posts, and then "Pack In, Pack Out...etc", when you open up the blog! Do you know why that is? Strange!
    1. Veganara
      In fact, it has THREE titles; I have just clicked on it again, and now the new title is "Got Plastic? ...etc". How bizarre! Have you done this intentionally, for more impact?
  2. Akanksha
    Thanks everyone. This was a pleasant surprise as I did not even know that this blog was even approved. Maggie, I had submitted the article with a different title and image which I guess is enhanced by the Goodblogs crew.
  3. Buster509
    Thank you for posting! We all need to wake up & be more mindful of the consequences of our actions!
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks for reading Buster509


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