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Taking Baby Steps towards Raw Diet
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Taking Baby Steps towards Raw Diet

I often read about raw food and how it is better than the processed food that we eat. The problem most of us face is that we are used to eating processed and adulterated food. When we see a pure and organic food item, our body and mind fails to recognise it. I admit having cravings for foods that I have been eating for 20 years. Thankfully, the desire for meat is gone but the journey doesn't end there. Things like processed flour, coffee and tea, aerated drinks, and food cooked with zero nutrients were a part of my lifestyle since childhood and it is not easy to let them go.

I will find ways to get it done since I have set my mind to it. Like I always say, I don't push myself to do things that I know I must do. I take care of the objections and let the change happen naturally. Since I had been very motivated to include raw food as a part of my daily diet, I decided to go for sprouts. Till now, fruit was the only thing I had raw on a regular basis apart from an occasional bowl of salad. It was very hard to eat raw sprouts every day.

I was determined to make a change so I decided to steam them slightly. It is a great way to get into the habit. They may lose a little nutrition but it is better than any other refined food I would be having for breakfast. I have a plan to reduce the steam duration with time and have them raw eventually. I may come up with some great raw recipes very soon so keep watching this space.

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  1. Sumit  Bhardwaj
    Sumit Bhardwaj
    You said it right Akanksha. Whenever making a lifestyle choice, one should do it in small steps rather than falling on his/her back in the process, if you know what I mean. As for raw food, I always take some kind of salad in the lunch. I know that not what you are talking about really, but the point i am making is, we can start by adding some raw food to the diet and then increase it as we develop a liking. And ya, taking steamed food is way better than eating nothing raw. :)
  2. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Voted! Transition definitely takes time........should not be enforced, shall rather come to you naturally!
  3. kristo
    voted. an easy way to get into it is by doing a cleanse. many of them suggest eating nothing but raw, or lightly steamed orange vegetables and fruits. surprisingly, you will feel extra energetic.
  4. parneesha211
    One step at a time...voted
  5. JustVegan
    that's great. voted. come take a look at my green pea soup recipe. do vote if you like it.
  6. Veganara
    Voted. This is a very good blog, and I found it especially interesting,as I am trying to transition to more of a raw food diet. The trouble is, as you say, a lot of raw stuff is not very easy to eat, is it? Baby steps, that's the way to do it. Actually my latest recipe for Chocoholic Truffles is a raw one (kind of, apart from melting the chocolate!) Does that count??! Please check it out anyway (chocolate isn't always bad for you, it does have some health benefits!)
  7. SnakeWitch
    yes, raw sprouts are awesome when you get used to it. My parents ate alfalfa sprouts sometimes when I was young, so I got used to it back then and now enjoy mustard seed sprouts the most - they're hot and spicy!! yum! voted!


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