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A View from Utopia
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A View from Utopia

I look back in time and see a world I seldom imagine. I was raised to believe in goodness and kindness but what my history teacher taught me really distraught me. I opened my electronic history book and contemplated how lucky I was to be born now and not a hundred years ago. I look at how the Earth is now thriving again with awe and love and try to remember that it wasn't always so.

One hundred years ago, people struggled, other animals were tortured and stabbed, the Earth was a dying organism highly polluted and raped. I look at the past and see how, what is now obvious, was completely ignored by most people and I am astonished at the degree of ignorance and conditioning people experienced. As a consequence of their ignorance, all beings and ecosystems suffered. I sometimes wonder how we managed to survive to my time and were able to bring back our world to a garden of Eden-like state.

I should not find it surprising really. People then believed that they had to kill other animals in order to survive. What they failed to realize, under this indoctrination, was that they were reaping the consequences of their ignorance about diet, control of the world's resources and most importantly their treatment of their fellow Earthlings.

No one seemed to understand then that we had bodies perfectly designed for peace, compassion and plant foods. People believed in myths started thousands of years before about what the world was supposed to be about. They were sick but couldn't see what made them sick. They were poor but couldn't understand what made them poor and why there was so much inequality. They lived in the illusion of capitalistic accumulation of things instead of connecting with their inner inclusive wisdom.

I look back and I am grateful that humans finally connected the dots and realized their own insanity. Once they got to the point where the Earth couldn't sustain them anymore, they were forced to wake up from their programmed trance and start seeing other beings as co-inhabitants, not food, the Earth as their mother and see their wisdom within.

In the early years of the 21st century, this became suddenly a lot more evident. Food justice took a prominent role. Social justice also became a household world. And animal rights activists, because they started threatening the establishment, were more and more repressed but determined in their fight to show others that we all are one on this planet. This was the beginning of a revolution of consciousness. History tells us that more and more people in prominent positions adopted a plant-based diet validating the idea that this was not just for hippies and radicals. Movements for peace and social justice for humans became more wide-spread. But a large mass of people still remained asleep and programmed.

The real changes finally happened when all the various factions, peace movement, environmental movement and animal rights movement, finally recognized that they shared similar values and connected the dots between their fight. The peace movement realized that to have peace you can't have death of the environment and certainly not the death and exploitation of other beings. The environmental movement realized that the oppressive capitalistic system was the same that oppressed the Earth, created human inequality and subjugated all its inhabitants. And the animal rights movement realized that helping other animals also helped humans and the planet. At that point, there was a consciousness shift as they all embraced radical peace for all and inclusion of the less fortunate in their mutual fights.

Vegans ceased to be a fringe group, ridiculed and vilified, but a force to be recognized and respected. People secretly or not were impressed by the commitment of these peaceful warriors, but were afraid of emulating them. But as soon as enough people became vegans, the fear started to disappear and more and more joined in the peaceful revolution to save our home.

By the middle of the century, there was a huge battle to salvage what was left of the planet and its species. Very few unspoiled lands and very few species called Earth their home due to the ravages of the psychopathic machine. The sociopaths started to be pushed out and stopped from having any political power. And people demanded they be replaced by intelligent, thoughtful and peaceful representatives. It was the beginning of the end for the greedy machine of violence. People were also exhausted by the continuous wars deriving from the herding mentality which had placed the above sociopaths at the heads of their governments. Women had enough of being sexually abused, repressed or treated as second class citizens. The movement reached a non-compromise status never seen in its history.

Activists everywhere spread the peaceful message of non-violent Vegan education and added more and more people to their circles. People replanted trees, destroyed slaughterhouses and GMO fields which had been raping the Earth and the animals. Instead, they re-created wildlife corridors so that life could come back and replaced mono-cultures with Veganic agriculture which could feed many people on a fraction of the land.

The revolution was happening...

I sit here in my simple but beautiful little house, surrounded by my veganic garden and read this history and try to imagine the bravery of all these visionaries. I try to visualize their courage, their battles against the dominant mentality, their losses and their strength. I sit here in peace thanks to all these people for they helped forge a beautiful future against all hopes and with a lot of doubts that they would ever succeed. These are the true heroes of the past. I never could understand why we wasted time learning about dictators and war-mongers until I saw the bright light shined by these heroes.

To see the light, you have to first see the darkness...

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  1. JustJillouise
    Beautiful! A lovely reminder of the positive changes veganism has created in our world. I needed this today, after reading many articles on slaughterhouse laws and coldhearted commentary by animal agriculture industry workers. When I turned vegan, I did not even have the word "vegan" to define my thought process and describe what burned in my soul. Now we can eat a veggie burger at Burger King, if we choose to! Or order meals in most restaurants, buy vegan dog food, vegan shoes, etc. Hats off to those who made all this possible, the Vegan Visionaries of compassion and kindness and the "health nut" breathern, too. I'm so grateful for all the modern vegan conveniences, ideology and acceptance of nonviolence, health and compassion. Namaste.
    1. Veronique Perrot
      Veronique Perrot
      JustJillouise, so true. Thank you for you kind comments :)
  2. Lama Jigme Gyatso
    Lama Jigme Gyatso
    Well done, Veronique :-)
    1. Veronique Perrot
      Veronique Perrot
      Thanks :)


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