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Sweet Spudillas {The Sweet Potato Quesadilla}
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Sweet Spudillas {The Sweet Potato Quesadilla}

Sweet potatoes, yams, whatever the difference, my family eats them up and there are always plenty of them to be had. As a college student (and young professional) living on a shoestring budget that always needed to streeeeeeetch, I became pretty adept at finding ways to work them into meals. Boiled, baked, mashed, french fries, soup, casseroles, fried ... seriously, the list seems perpetually endless.

So I was seriously intrigued by Health magazine's recipe for a starchy quesadilla. A made a few tweaks (and it's not vegan, sorry!) to rave reviews from a pretty picky household.

You'll need

2 medium sweet potatoes

1 cup ricotta cheese (recipes for vegan tofu ricotta abound on the internet!)

1 cup mushrooms

1/2 (each) red and green peppers, cut into long slices

1 cup sliced yellow squash

1 cup baby spinach

4 corn tortillas

1 tsp. crushed red pepper

Black pepper & salt & brown sugar (to taste)


-- Place cut squash, mushrooms and peppers in frying pan over medium heat. Cover. Allow to cook, turning every 3 minutes or so.

-- Pierce sweet potatoes and microwave on high power until soft (about 8-10 minutes).

-- Spread ricotta over 1/2 of tortillas. Place layer of spinach on top of cheese.

-- Slit potatoes lengthwise and scoop out center. Mash in salt, pepper and brown sugar to taste. Spread on second 1/2 of tortilla.

-- Portion out veggies from frying pan onto ricotta/spinach half of tortilla. Fold.

-- Warm second frying pan on medium heat. Add non-stick cooking spray to pan and fry quesadillas until sides are crispy (I found it to be about 2 minutes each side). Be sure to watch -- it goes from browned to burned pretty fast.

-- Cut into thirds and serve.


Let me know if you try it! Comments always welcome and votes appreciated!




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Carolyn
    Cealex, I love sweet potatoes, but had never heard of this recipe.
  2. Akanksha
    You can make it vegan by using Vegan cheese. Check out to buy vegan 'dairy' items Great post Cealex!
  3. moregreensplease
    It took me a while to come across this post. It sounds like something I would really like to try. My familiy and I enjoy potatoes with a spicey kick and they are vegetarian so this is right up their alley. It would be easy to make mine vegan.


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