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Surprising Calcium Benefits and How to Get it from Vegan Sources!
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Surprising Calcium Benefits and How to Get it from Vegan Sources!

When you hear of calcium, you probably think about strong bones and teeth, but calcium offers many other health benefits. Here are some that prove just how important it is to get enough of this nutrient in your diet.

  • Keep Your Weight in Check  

You might not think of calcium when it comes to your waist, but it can keep your weight under control! Calcium can actually prevent you from gaining weight by monitoring fat in the body. Calcium controls what fat must be burned by the body and what fat should be stored up as reserves. Without adequate levels of calcium to keep this process working correctly, you might put on weight. 

  • Kick the Big “C”

Cancer is a common illness but you can increase your resistance to it by following a healthy diet. In fact, some research has pointed to how getting calcium can reduce your risk. However, you don’t want to overdo it as too much calcium can also be problematic. Adults should aim for 1000 mg of calcium a day.  

  • Keep Your Ticker Healthy 

Your heart needs calcium in order to function properly. This is because it monitors the process of muscle function. Since the heart is a muscle, it therefore benefits from calcium. Interestingly, if you don’t get enough of this nutrient, it can also lead to high blood pressure.  Of course, being vegan means that you’ve probably been asked if you’re getting enough calcium (and protein - meat eaters worry about your protein intake) as well as if you will manage to achieve enough calcium without dairy. The truth is that you can get adequate amounts of calcium from a vegan diet. Here are some top calcium sources:  

  • Nuts 

These small foods pack a punch when it comes to giving you nutrition. Great sources of calcium include almond nuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and almond butter - just one tablespoon of it will give you 43 mg of calcium!

  • Spinach 

Half a cup of cooked spinach gives you 146 mg of calcium. Other green veggies are also great, such as kale, broccoli, collard greens and celery.

  • Beans

This is a surprising source, but half a cup of white beans will give you 96 mg of calcium. Enjoy a mix of lots of beans as many others are top sources of calcium too, such as navy beans and soy beans.

 *Image courtesy mizina/ Dollar Photo Club  

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