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Superior mornings with hot water.
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Superior mornings with hot water.

Good morning sexy vegans!

Let's start our day together! I drink a cup of warm water every morning. It's much more hydrating than tea or coffee and much more beneficial. Why? The body is strongest in the morning; self-cleaning as it pushes-out all impurities. Hot water in the morning helps prepare the stomach for eating food by stimulating the glands on its walls. As well as naturally helping to regulate bowel movements.

Drinking warm water in the morning will highly add to this natural flush of the kidneys, help you lose weight, your body absorb nutrients, break-up fat, detox, improve complexion, and provide more steady energy!

My Grandma says to wait 30 minutes before eating or try drinking two cups if you want to rid the body of toxins. The Yogis also believe in drinking water first thing in the morning. Why not give it a try? It's free, if you can use tap water; all it costs is power to heat.

It will actually cut costs if one switches from their regular morning caffeine!

No drink in the world is superior to water. Our bodies are made 80% water. Your body will absolutely be refreshed, perfect for any season, especially summer!

All you need:

1 cup of water ( ½ cup Bottled water optional to save tieme)

1 teapot

1 cup

If you don't like the plain taste adding lemon helps increase vitamin C intake.

Pour fresh water into teapot, set on high heat on stove, wait 10 minutes to reach boiling point, remove from heat, pour into cup halfway full adding room temperature bottled water to ensure it's ready to serve. If using tap water, fill cup completely and wait to cool before drinking. Never drink anything too cold or hot to avoid shocking the body's system.

Enjoy reading The Flaming Vegan Blog while you sip taking in the magical day ;)

Love Always,

~Vegan Unicorns United

Please note: My photos won't seem to upload. The browse button doesn't work upon clicking and I can't type any text in the bar. I do have a photos!

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  1. Carolyn
    Welcome to the Flaming Vegan, Vegan Unicorns United! Vote #1! Be sure to vote for yourself.
  2. Roopam
    It is beneficial to have warm water first thing in the morning rather than tea or coffee.
  3. Akanksha
    Nice username! True..warm water in the morning really works!


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