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Superchrged, Wanting New Direction Now- Veganstyle!
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Superchrged, Wanting New Direction Now- Veganstyle!

It's been a while. But it's good to be back.

For nearly a year now, I watched as my beautiful wife, Aggie, literally melted her unwanted weight away, just by eating very, very little meat.

Next month, she will be celebrating her one-year anniversary at her job, a vegan restaurant called "Heavenly Veggies" here on the tiny island of Guam.

Since she started at this restaurant, she has nearly become a complete vegan, eating meat occasionally on weekends when she is not working. The transformation, however, has been very obvious- not just in her physical appearance, but also in her energy level. She now wakes up ready to go, everyday. And when she gets home, she does not stop "working" until late into the night. In fact, she just retired to bed a few minutes ago, and it's now 2:30 in the morning.

I have also noticed that she hasn't gotten sick during this rather lengthy period of time. Usually, she'd be the first to come down with the flu in the family. But this hasn't happened, which is very good news.

Best of all though, her skin now glows. It actually looks like the skin of a baby.

This new and wonderful development in my wife's lifestyle has gotten me doing research in secret. I'm getting ready for a total make-over of my own (or is it a change-over?)

Well, whatever! This, coupled with my findings, has really supercharged me. My believe the simplicity of man's original diet as dictated in the Good Book has now been strengthened. It's really bolstering my resolve to make a U-turn in my lifestyle.

My next post then, in a few hours, will have been about my preparation for a new journey. Numerous subsequent posts thereafter will eventually be about the actual journey itself. It will be a journal cataloging my progress, or lack thereof, as I embark on a new quest to reclaim my life back from the "grip" of foods made from flesh.

I'd like to share with you my journey so I can stay committed and motivated. Meanwhile, on the sidelines, hopefully you can help me out by giving me pointers, and encourage me in times of desperate need.

I figure, this way, I can't cheat or bow out because now the "whole world" knows.

Well, here goes!

                             See you soon!




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. JustVegan
    Thats great! Voted. Do come and read my new recipe for eggplant fried rice. And if you like it do vote for it.


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