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Super Food Winter Salad
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Super Food Winter Salad

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cook Time: none!

This winter salad is by no coincidence a super food. Packed with green antioxidants and fermented vitamins and good bacteria - it could be one of the things that keep your immune system intact. It is very low in calories, but full on flavour and surprisingly filling!

I struggled to find ways to eat kale raw - it's quite chewy and hard, and in not the tastiest thing on earth. However, the vinegary sauerkraut really accompanies the earthy, full flavour of kale. It is loaded in vitamins A, K and C, helping to in turn absorb the nutrients in kale better. 

Fermented foods are especially important in winter - to normalise the gut bacteria and provide the extra vitamins and minerals that might be harder to come across in colder months.

Crispbread - a traditionally Nordic food, can be stored for a long time without going off. It's crunchy and wholegrain, and acts as a new, exciting texture for the salad. Rye is also high in manganese - helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, protects from free radical damage and supports the nervous system. It is also low in gluten.

I gave up wheat for rye and would never go back.

How to prepare:

Simply rip up organic mixed kale, add fresh, organic sauerkraut (or you could make your own for pennies, just takes some time), and add a rye crispbread! Yum!

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