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Excellent Summer Ingredient: Patty Pan Squash
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Excellent Summer Ingredient: Patty Pan Squash

Just looking at patty pans is enough to make you smile, thanks to their bright yellow color. But they’re just as good for your body as your mood. Here are some reasons why you should add more patty pans to your summer recipes.

  • What Are Patty Pans?

They’re a small summer squash that grow during the summer months. They usually have a white, pale green or (the most cheerful), a yellow skin. Inside, they’re white and fleshy. They taste a bit like regular squash and sweetcorn.

  • Bring on the Vitamin C!

Patty pans are an amazing source of Vitamin C. Just a cup of them is enough to provide you with 43% of your daily Vitamin C intake, according to!

  • Nutrients for Vegans

It’s not always easy to find vegan sources for vitamins, but patty pans contain many beneficial ones. They provide good amounts of riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and folate. 

  • Eat the Skins!

Don’t cut away the skins when preparing your patty pans. This is where most of their nutrient content is found. Every part of the pattypan is edible - that means not only the skin but also its seeds.

  • Nutrient Gains

So what do the nutrients mean for your health? Magnesium, also found in patty pans, is beneficial for the heart and lowers blood pressure that can cause strokes. Vitamin C helps to prevent oxidation of cholesterol. When cholesterol is in an oxidized state, it accumulates in blood vessel walls, but this vitamin helps to prevent it from occurring. Meanwhile, folate prevents unhealthy heart conditions that can arise from high homocysteine (an amino acid) levels in the blood.  Enjoy delicious summer squash in a variety of ways, from roasting or stuffing patty pans, to adding them to your favorite sauté recipe.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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