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Stop Testing Cosmetics on Animals, New Zealand!
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Stop Testing Cosmetics on Animals, New Zealand!

Did you know that New Zealand allows animal testing for their makeup products? One would think that in this day and age such practices would have been abolished the world over, and yet this is sadly not the case. The problem is not only that animal testing is occurring (it is not prevalent), but rather that it is legal should a company wish to do it.

But now things might be about to change, thanks to the increase of pressure being placed on New Zealand to stop the animal cruelty. A campaign run by a few organizations, among them the World Animal Protection and the Humane Society International, is requesting that New Zealand follows in the footsteps of other countries that have already banned animal testing. It would be a great example for New Zealand to set this ban into action as it would be the first country in Australasia to do so.

What Really Happens During Animal Testing?

During the testing of cosmetics, animals are used in a variety of ways.

  • Products can be tested to see if they cause any skin reactions. This requires the substance being placed on the skin of an animal, such as a mouse or guinea pig, and then noting any allergic reactions or irritations.
  • Eye products are put on rabbits’ eyes to see if they cause problems such as redness, ulcers, bleeding - or even irreparable eye damage!
  • Sometimes animals, such as rats and rabbits, are shaved before the ingredient is applied to their skin. The researchers apply the product for a full day to see what quantity of the substance results in half the animals dying within a fortnight. The same can be done with forcing animals to inhale products.
  • Sometimes tests expose animals to a substance and then they are made to mate. After conceiving, the female is exposed to the substance for the duration of her pregnancy so its effects on reproduction and fertility can be monitored. Shockingly, after she gives birth, both she and her offspring are often killed so that the researchers can study their tissues.

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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