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Start the Year with Veganuary!
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Start the Year with Veganuary!

January 2015 is coming up soon. Chances are you’re going to have a few New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you’re keen on losing weight, starting an exercise plan, or even going vegan. The latter’s what a campaign is promoting on an international level.

It’s called Veganuary, and it was first established back in 2013 by a married couple from the UK who wanted to encourage people to embrace a vegan lifestyle and give them guidance along the way. 

What it’s all about is people logging onto and signing up, pledging to cut out all animal products from their diets. There’s no need to commit to any long-term vegan plans just yet as Veganuary is about cutting out animal products for the entire month of January. While they’re on the site, people can also learn about some easy ways to follow a healthy vegan diet during the month. There are tips and recipes available so that the Veganuary experience doesn’t have to feel daunting to someone who is used to eating animal products all the time. This also encourages people to see veganism as being delicious and not, in fact, limited to boring or tasteless foods (as some might think). 

This is a great initiative that can bring about more committed changes. Once you start a vegan diet and feel lighter and healthier, you’ll be motivated to continue with it. Remember, it takes only 21 days to create a new habit!

Added to this, when you take a break from eating meat, you might go back to it and find that it doesn’t taste as appealing as it used to. Sometimes we become immune to food and how it really tastes because we’re used to eating it. When we stop eating it, such as by doing the Veganuary campaign, we discover just how much we don’t miss it. And, when you’ve given up eating meat for a while and part of the reason for it is because you don’t want to participate in the killing of animals, this too will have the effect of making meat, and animal products in general, unsatisfactory. It’s really mind over matter!

Happy Veganuary!

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    We love this phenomena! Thanks for turning us onto it, Giulia! Happy Holidays!


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