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Starbucks Boost its Menu, Adds Vegan Drinks
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Starbucks Boost its Menu, Adds Vegan Drinks

This could be one of the biggest vegan news for this year. Starbucks is getting more serious about vegan food. The world-famous coffee brand is trying to change the way we drink our coffee. The company is adding a new mix to its current menu and vegan is going to be the main ingredient here.

The popular coffee and coffeehouse brand have just entered the vegan bandwagon party. Earlier this month, the company made its first big vegan step when it introduced a new vegan option to its menu. 

These new plant-based cold brews are pretty unique because they not just provide the vegan option but also a great source of protein and caffeine, all in one drink. It contains healthy ingredients and made with vegan components like pea protein, rice protein, and Banana Date Fruit Blend.

The new vegan option comes in two flavors (the Almond and Cacao flavors) and will be made available for a limited time, while supplies last. In addition to Almond and Cacao flavors, the company also added some customization features, allowing customers to adjust how much caffeine they’d like to drink. This means that customers can add an extra shot of decaf espresso or espresso.

Aside from an extra shot of caffeine, customers can also request for stronger flavors, like adding more almond butter or cocoa to their plant-based cold brew.

But the best part of the Starbucks' vegan story is the addition of the veggie-based protein powder, which allows customers to add an extra amount of protein to boost their protein intake.

The 16-ounce plant-based beverage is offered at $5.95 and contains around 270 calories or less. More importantly, according to Starbucks, these new plant-based cold brews could provide customers a rich source of protein, just good enough to keep them going throughout their day.


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